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Where am I going wrong?

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highlyunreasonable Wed 18-Dec-19 13:36:07

Just after any tips/ pointers as I feel really stuck in a rut at the moment

I'm 165cm and 84kg blush BMI is 31 'obese' although I fit comfortably into a size 12 and don't feel obese although I do have a flabby mum tum which I hate

I was previously 91kg about 4 months ago but I've cut out snacking and switched from big sandwiches at lunch times to soup, salads or omelettes
I don't drink pop or sugary drinks - just either still or sparkling water or tea mainly

Main meals are usually something homemade but I do probably need to cut the portion sizes down and have a habit of reaching for a choccy bar after this so that needs to stop too I guess

Activity wise I have a brisk walk at least twice a day for between 30 and 45 minutes. I go to the gym when I can and run at least once a week. I ran a 15k in just under 95 minutes last weekend so I don't think I'm terribly unfit?! I usually hit 1000 active calories a day on my Apple Watch and do between 15,000 to 20,000 steps each day

I've been stuck at 84kg for the last 5 weeks now and I feel really flabby 😔
Any tips on good foods/ bad foods/ exercise for a problem stomach would be greatly appreciated!

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ppeatfruit Wed 18-Dec-19 13:53:32

Of course we're all different BUT I do notice that some foods bloat me and others don't. So wheat is in any form is a no no, I'll have pure rye or spelt bread for toast. I like Avocadoes but they don't like me!! Same with chickpeas, cashews and coconut. I use olive oil not those spreads. It sound's like you're doing ok.

I also only eat when I'm hungry, and take chewy snacks ,like an apple and almonds, pecans when I go out. Oh and not eating after 6pm that is really effective!!

fishonabicycle Wed 18-Dec-19 14:42:14

Well you are probably just eating too much! Try a calorie counting app like mfp, log everything for a week or so and get an idea of how much you eat. Then you can cut down a bit.q

highlyunreasonable Wed 18-Dec-19 15:14:52

Thank you. Perhaps I need to keep track of what I eat better, I do sometimes feel terribly bloated but have never looked at what could be causing it
And yes, I probably do need to eat less! I love food 😫

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ppeatfruit Thu 19-Dec-19 16:50:56

The thing with wheat, fat and sugar is that it's addictive !!! The manufacturers LOVE us to eat too much so they put those ingredients in most foods. If we concentrate on eating fresh foods (not from the ready mades in the centre of the SMs) we'll eat less anyway because it just too hard to eat too many apples!! you do still feel full from a well chewed apple, some fresh walnuts and pecan's though.

managedmis Thu 19-Dec-19 16:54:47

I was previously 91kg about 4 months ago


So you've lost 7kg in 4 months? I think 7kg is about a stone and a half? You've done really well!

Windyone Thu 19-Dec-19 17:01:05

Definitely start using My Fitness Pal to log everything. There are lots of websites to help workout what your calorie intake should be in order to lose.
It looks like you are quite active so don’t forget you need to eat well to fuel your exercise but don’t overeat thinking “it’s ok I’ll work it off”
You’ve made really good progress already!

Spodge Fri 20-Dec-19 14:18:12

Your weight loss is good and your activity sounds great. Maybe you're eating too much - but you can only know this by logging what you're eating and drinking. It really does help.

Or you might just be on a horrid plateau. It happens.

Thiswayorthatway Fri 20-Dec-19 14:21:24

You sound as though you have done really well. All your exercise is cardio though, you need to mix up with weights and resistance. You won't get muscley, just more toned.

missyB1 Fri 20-Dec-19 14:28:09

You're doing great so far! I do intermittent fasting 2 or 3 days a week (depending on what I'm up to). I find it's really effective. I fast from 8pm until midday the next day. Maybe doing this a couple of days a week on top of what you are already doing might just help boost your weight loss?

highlyunreasonable Sat 21-Dec-19 08:46:00

Thank you all

Is 7kg really a stone and a half? I didn't even realise I'd lost that much!

I've downloaded my fitness pal and will try add some more resistance training in to my workouts. Any links/ tips to good exercises that can be done at home? I do a weight workout when I make it to the gym but I just don't get there very often as I'm usually so busy!

Something quick and effective I can do at home in between would be great if such a thing exists!

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chatwoo Sat 21-Dec-19 11:05:18

7kg is just over a stone (there are 2.2 pounds in a kg) so yes you've done really well!

I would recommend logging your food intake. It's equally fascinating and horrifying as I have found out over the past six months or so shock

highlyunreasonable Sat 21-Dec-19 12:48:16

@chatwoo yes I know I need to stick to this. I've started it a few times then not kept up to it but I need to be more proactive in doing this!
In my head I thought 7kg was only a few pounds but saying it's over a stone doesn't seem so bad now!
I do really need to work on the flabby tummy though as that's the part of me I hate the most and probably why I haven't noticed the weight loss so much.... it doesn't feel any smaller! 😳

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ppeatfruit Sat 21-Dec-19 14:20:28

highly I've got a few brilliantly easy belly exercises , so easy that I can now do sit ups properly (you build up to them) I have a flatter belly than when I was a size 8 !!

A. Lie flat on a firm mattress or the floor. Raise your shoulders slowly to the slow count of 7 KEEPING YOUR HEAD IN LINE WITH YOUR SPINE, hold it for the count of 7 and release for the same slow count.
Do this 3 times at night (it helps sleep too) and 3 times in the morning. Increase the difficulty by including your arms, to above your head. I raised my legs straight using the wall as support too.

What this does is increase the calorie burn of your muscles. As do the sit ups when you feel able to do them. Don't force things just go slowly and steadily , You'll get there fgrin

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