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Hwory Tue 10-Dec-19 07:33:02

Green - more daily points to use but less free foods
Blue - balance between daily points and free foods
Purple - basically slimming world

If you have a problem with self control I would suggest green as you have to point everything but fruit & veg.

FrenchFancie Tue 10-Dec-19 07:30:09

Hi all,
Hoping that someone can help. I’m looking at joining WW online (based outside UK, husband is in the army) but have read they now have three plans - can someone explain these to me? Last time I did WW (years ago!) it was just points, now it looks different.
T he best value plans seem to be to sign up for four months but I don’t want to commit that amount of €€ if it’s not going to work for me - I know the unlimited sw style of free foods doesn’t work for me as I can happily munch through massive bowls of pasta and still put on weight!

Thanks in advance!!

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