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Do you think social media impacts on how we perceive ourselves?

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chloedee123 Sun 03-Nov-19 13:50:14

genuinely interested at this. Do you think that if social media didn’t exist we would be happier and more confident in our selves to not constantly spend our lives trying to loose weight or look a certain way?

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FurrySwan Mon 04-Nov-19 22:09:28

The Daily Telegraph ran an article a couple of days ago asking whether social media fuelling narcissism via the photo posts etc of Kardashinans etc (sp?). I haven't read it yet, but will get round to it.

I think the thing is people - men and women - I would imagine in history would mostly have wanted to be attractive, at least in some way. But I think it would involve lots of general things. Obviously clothes, cleanliness, jewellery, even make up perhaps. But I also think there would have been a "wider" and more "active" sense of attractiveness. Not just how you look in photos!! I suspect the "judging" and "self-judging" eye is more active now amongst ordinary people (not Hollywood stars). I don't think girls and women judged themselves quite so harshly in previous generations. Besides, I would add "real life beauty" is not about the static photos and images - as we’re encouraged to think about increasingly. Its about energy, sensuality, humour, love, aliveness, joy, intelligence, spirit, etc etc.

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