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Anybody done WW with your other half?

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futurity Fri 17-Aug-07 10:26:25

I am doing WW online and have been for about 5 weeks and am doing well (despite the school holidays!). My DH said last night that he fancies giving it ago..he hasn't got that much too lose but says that he would feel more obligied to do it if the computer told him to stop eating crap rather than me!!

I just wondered if anyone has done WW with a partner and how you copied with you both having different points I am on 19 points and I suppose he will be on 26ish (?) so how best to work out I don't over eat on his points but that I cook enough for him not to under eat if you see what I mean!

futurity Fri 17-Aug-07 13:11:06


isaidno Fri 17-Aug-07 13:23:57

My DH tried WW with me, and found it pretty easy - I just fed him whatever I was having, but bigger portions. He also used alot of his extra points on lager!

evenhope Fri 17-Aug-07 13:40:24

I did WW with DH. He got to goal weeks before me . The leader said men always lose quicker than women. Totally unfair.

Didn't have a problem with him being on more points. Extra bread does it!

futurity Fri 17-Aug-07 17:00:08

thanks for that....i've printed out a ton of receipes from WW site which we can all eat as a family and which (hopefully) my fussy hubby won't moan about! Lots of puddings as well

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