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Okno Thu 31-Oct-19 14:28:50

I've got to change now.

I've just been watching the show 'Who are you calling fat?' and I feel motivated.

I'm currently 5ft5, 110kg size 20/22. My happiest and healthiest weight was 10 years ago when I was 58kg and a size 10/12. That's a lot of fat to shift.

But it has to shift. Because I am only 31 and can't have already peaked.

I've namechanged specifically to focus here and wonder if anyone will join me?

My plan is:

Must hit 5 a day every day
Intermittent fasting 16:8
Start with 5000 steps and 10m weights

Starting tomorrow and won't weigh myself again until New Year. Determined.

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PeoniesandPiriton Thu 31-Oct-19 15:14:26

I’ll join you. 5ft 5 and just over 14 stone. Would like to get down to around 11 stone.

Fed up of making excuses and comfort eating.

PeoniesandPiriton Thu 31-Oct-19 15:17:05

Going to join you with the:
Must hit 5 a day every day &
Intermittent fasting 16:8

But going to swap to 10,000 steps a day (and ditch the weights)

Okno Fri 01-Nov-19 05:42:36

Sounds good Peonies! Have you tried IF before? I'm going to have my eating window as 10-6 I think.

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PeoniesandPiriton Fri 01-Nov-19 12:11:41


I have tried it for a few weeks and it did help me to feel more in control of my eating. Probably didn’t do it long enough to have much of a weight impact.

Thank you for mentioning the tv show. I watched both episodes last night on iplayer back to back.

Gave me lots to think about & mull over. Interestingly, I watched it on subtitles as my husband was in the room and I was too embarrassed - as a fat person - to be watching a show on obesity.

Crackers really as he knows darn well how big I am but I guess I have more shame about my size than I realised.

Okno Fri 01-Nov-19 18:42:00

I know what you mean about the embarrassment. I was the same. Pausing when my partner walked in!

I'm feeling positive though because I've done well today and hoping it continues...

16:8 star
5 a day star
12000 steps star star star

Hope you've had a good start too!

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PeoniesandPiriton Fri 01-Nov-19 23:39:38

Well done!

I’ve not actually managed any of them but knew it wouldn’t be possible today for a whole host of reasons so not too worried or disheartened.

Starting properly tomorrow..

thenewaveragebear1983 Sat 02-Nov-19 21:13:11

Can I join in for some support please?

I have had a really crappy October and I need to get my head back in gear for November.
I'm going to do Fast800 for this week.
I really really need to do a few weekends without drinking, but at least next weekend as a start
I run a fair bit so I'm ok on the steps but I just eat the calories back and more
It's NO-vember for me: no sugar, no bread, no pasta, no potato, no junk


PeoniesandPiriton Sat 02-Nov-19 23:04:20

Welcome Bear,

Happy to give whatever support I can & fingers crossed November is a good month for you.

I would seriously, seriously struggle with no bread, no pasta & no potatoes for a month. In fact, it would be pretty much impossible. But could go without drinking for a whole year without barely noticing. Funny how different we all are.

Achieved the steps target no problem. But 5 a day & 16:8 scuppered by bonfire night.

PeoniesandPiriton Sat 02-Nov-19 23:11:28

How was today for you Okno?

I know I need to lose weight as I have a few mild health issues that would improve if I was a healthy weight (never mind the nice stuff like more choice of clothes etc) yet I am still struggling to be as motivated as I need to be.

mynameisigglepiggle Sat 02-Nov-19 23:38:48

Have you tried using my fitness pal?
It really makes you more aware of what you are eating When you record everything. Simply counting calories and eating less than you use really works.
I've lost nearly two stone in 11 weeks 😊

RunningKatie Sun 03-Nov-19 08:21:45

Can I join you too? I'm just back from holiday, I realised my shortness of breath is that I'm unfit but also bra's are getting too tight blush
I'm planning on trying 16:8 again, but I need to keep at it over weekends. My DH unwittingly scuppers me.
I also have the blood sugar diet book but not sure if that's too extreme.
I'm paying for gym membership that I'm not using so I need to decide what to do. I used to be a runner but my feet are wrecked and physio says bike & swimming should be my new thing.

thenewaveragebear1983 Sun 03-Nov-19 08:49:04

Thanks for the welcome

Runningkatie I've done blood sugar diet for a long time now, in fact I lost 3 stone in 2017 doing it and have kept it off (almost, i yo yo around gaining and losing 5lbs or so) with another 5lbs to go after that to target. My real problem at the moment is that I've stopped doing it, at least properly. It really does work if you do it though, gets great results (and quickly usually)

I would really love to give up drinking for a month, but it's unrealistic to be honest. We don't really drink much, rarely in the week, but Dh will always have wine at the weekend and I usually join him.

Today then: I've had a really good sleep (over 9 hours! Unheard of!). Going for a run with Dh at 11. Brunch will be egg and avocado. Dinner tonight will be roast gammon, lots of veggies and celeriac mash. We're going to fireworks later weather permitting, and then hopefully another early night.

Have a good day all

Okno Sun 03-Nov-19 10:20:01

Hello everyone!

A good day yesterday too!
I managed my step target and about 8 portions of fruit and veg so super happy with that. Also allowed myself a little bit of cake that I made for a bonfire party (luckily still in my eating window) and feeling good that I didn't binge on treats (a usual downfall)

Hoping that my mindset will stick when Im back to work tomorrow. Hitting the weights today for the first time and rather than every day going to go for 20 minutes every other as I think that appeals to me more psychologically...we shall see.

My Fitness Pal doesn't work for me unfortunately. I get super frustrated with it and just lie to it when I fall off the wagon grin

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