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Loose skin?

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Lolly122 Sat 26-Oct-19 20:38:56

I’m currently on my weight loss journey and hoping to loose 7 stone! I’ve lost 1 stone already so I’m really happy! But the problem is, I’ve got a lot of people saying I’ll have a lot of loose skin when I reach my goal (starting weight was 17 stone) Not something I want to hear really as for the minute my focus is to get my weight down. Has anyone lost quite a bit of weight without having too much loose skin?

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ChocOrCheese Sun 27-Oct-19 16:57:27

I've lost 5 stone and only have the dreaded bingo wings, which I'd probably have anyway.

There's no way to be sure how you will end up but losing at a sensible rate will help. I moisturise every day, especially inner thighs, tummy and arms.

I have heard, too, that even if you end up with more loose skin than you want, it can take up to a year for things to firm up as much as they are going to.

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