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Heifer wants to be Bambi. A thread for accountability.

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TreesSandSea Thu 17-Oct-19 20:46:46

I lost 7 stone a year ago. I have put a stone and a half back on and now weigh 15 st.

I want to be 11-12 stone. I need to stop eating crap and get back on track. I am using My Fitness Pal to track calories and starting this thread to keep myself accountable. Anyone else welcome to join, but also happy to talk to myself.

Weight today: 15st
Breakfast: I egg scrambled, 1 veggie sausage, 6 button mushrooms
Lunch: 1 fillet sea bass, 1 cup mange tout, 50g cheese
Dinner: M and S plant power butternut and quinoa salad, one mango and quinoa 0 fat natural yoghurt

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TreesSandSea Fri 18-Oct-19 06:22:45

This morning’s weight: 14st 12.2

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Myusername2015 Fri 18-Oct-19 06:23:56

I’ll join you. Starting weight 14.7 I need to stop messing around and get this weight off!

TreesSandSea Fri 18-Oct-19 10:36:10

Hey 2015 smile
What’s your plan and target weight?

I’m pretty good at mealtimes but a really bad snacker. I am also an emotional eater. And I am prone to two weeks of dieting followed by a month of not weighing and putting back on.

I am weighing every day, posting all my food here.

So far today - 2 cups coffee, one cup tea

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TreesSandSea Fri 18-Oct-19 17:13:39

Lunch: one- egg and one slice of quorn ham omelette with salad

More decaf coffee

Dinner: it’s going to be tuna and egg salad
And 2 glasses of wine wink

2 big drink bottles of water

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MillieMoodle Fri 18-Oct-19 18:00:08

Can I join you please?

I'm 12st 7lbs and hoping to lose around 2 stone, hopefully by the end of May next year. We are going away in July and I want to buy some new clothes before I go, and be less wobbly when I'm there.

I had been hoping to lose 7lbs by Oct half term, but as that's the week after next and I don't seem to have lost a pound, I think I'll have to lower my expectations! Now aiming to get 7lbs off by 13th December as have a birthday party to go to then.

I don't do any exercise, I need to start making time for it as I have a very sedentary job. I eat junk in the evenings, and really need to overhaul my eating habits altogether as I m ashamed to admit they are dreadful.

I'll weight myself tomorrow and post my weight. Today I've eaten:

B - fried egg, cheese and bacon muffin
L - 2 slices of white toast with butter and strawberry jam
D - something from the dessert van  as yet undecided what.
Snack - 2 Jaffa cakes.

Drinks - tea, coffee and water. Don't have sugar in tea or coffee but do have milk.

@TreesSandSea well done on losing 7 stone, that's incredible!

TreesSandSea Fri 18-Oct-19 18:43:49

Hi Millie,
Welcome! So nice to have some friends to lose weight with!
What would you like to do with your eating habits? Are you at home or at work in the day? My problem with carbs (like jam on toast) is I am hungry so soon after! I am much better on low carb but I am not willing (at the moment) to give up the weekend wine ....

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MillieMoodle Fri 18-Oct-19 18:53:53

Thanks @TreesSandSea!

I need to stop eating junk and replace it with healthier options. I need to sort out what to have for lunch at work every day. I usually have weetabix for breakfast and a sandwich or wrap and a yoghurt at lunch. Don't really snack at work and am getting quite good at resisting cake etc. I work in an office so am sitting down nearly all day. I need to get moving more when not at work! Also we need to stop having takeaways for dinner!

TreesSandSea Fri 18-Oct-19 18:57:15

We live in the middle of nowhere so takeaways are impossible here! What did you decide on for dinner?

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TreesSandSea Sat 19-Oct-19 08:50:55

This morning’s weight: 14 st 11

Breakfast: white coffee
2 big glasses of water

Already feeling so much better about my weight. I feel much more back in control. More comfortable in my skin. At 13 1/2 stone (my lowest weight for about 20 years) reached it a year ago) I felt amazing. I want to go lower than that to 12 stone - so I have leeway from 12-121/2 stone but 12 1/2 needs to be the highest I ever go.

I know that still sounds high, but I have at least a stone of loose skin. I can’t afford to have it removed so I have to be kind to myself and bear in mind perfection is not the goal.

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TreesSandSea Sat 19-Oct-19 08:51:51

How you guys doing today @MillieMoodle and @Myusername2015?

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MillieMoodle Sat 19-Oct-19 09:32:30

We are quite rural but there are still takeaways that deliver. And we have two chip vans and a dessert van that come round the village. I had a bag of kettle crisps and an ice cream from the dessert van for my dinner. But today is a new day and the start of me being in control!

12st 7lbs this morning.

About to have a cup of tea and 2 weetabix with semi-skimmed milk for breakfast.

12st 7lbs is the heaviest I have ever been and I don't feel comfortable with it. Pre-kids I was happy at 10st 7lbs so I'd love to get down to that again. I'm 5'4" so not particularly tall either. I'm currently a size 14-16 but used to be 10-12. I'd be happy at size 12 I think.

@TreesSandSea it doesn't sound high, losing 7st is an amazing achievement and you know what weight you'll be most comfortable at. I've also got quite saggy skin (thanks, kids) and my shape has changed since having kids so may have to readjust my expectations!

MillieMoodle Sat 19-Oct-19 09:44:35

I also need to learn to eat more slowly. I bolt my food and then end up overeating as by the time I feel full, I've already eaten too much! This is since I had kids, I don't think I've ever eaten a meal uninterrupted so I've got used to eating as quickly as possible so I get to eat while it's still warm. Same at work, can never have an uninterrupted lunch break.

My family are feeders too, I love my DF's cooking but my DM gets offended if you decline food or drink at their house so I've taken to not eating breakfast if we're going there for a meal and not eating tea afterwards!

TreesSandSea Sat 19-Oct-19 13:06:48

Sounds like a good start @MillieMoodle 😁 Yes, kids mess with your shape and metabolism- I’ve got twins and a single too, so even without the extra weight I have been carrying I think I would have a saggy midriff! I’ve resisted a biscuit and DC leftovers this morning- about to have a salad lunch 🥗

You’re starting at my goal weight grin but I know exactly what you mean about not being comfortable. Last time I was 10 and a half stone I was 12 years old. I have always had weight issues but I feel as though I am finally cracking them - just need to get rid of this final couple of stone and then maintain ( yeah, that’s the hard bit, right?!)

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TreesSandSea Sat 19-Oct-19 13:30:36

Just had a one egg omelette with 25g cheddar and a green salad for lunch. Came in at 253 cals according to MFP

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fizzfizzplinkplink Sat 19-Oct-19 14:12:15

Hi, can I sign up? Weighed myself this morning and was 12st 7lbs too! This is the heaviest I have ever been apart from when pregnant and I hate it. Only five years ago I was 2 stone lighter but then the peri menopause attacked me and the weight has just crept on. I'm about 5ft 6 so above average height but am really struggling to fit into my size 12 jeans and dresses unless I want to cut off my circulation! I hate that I can only fit into about a third of my wardrobe and so many lovely clothes are going to waste.

I naturally do a 16:8 fast every day as I don't eat breakfast and rarely eat after about 8pm but the weight is still going on and on. I know it's because my diet is truly dire and I eat so much junk and my body has given up the fight.

I was so shocked by the scales this morning that it's killed my appetite, so have only had several cups of coffee and a big mug of peppermint tea.

TreesSandSea Sat 19-Oct-19 15:05:32

Welcome @fizzfizzplinkplink and another who is already at my target weight! grinblush Yes, it’s so easy to let what you’re eating slide into crap and ‘pretend it isn’t happening’ for weeks on end - but it shows up on the scales eventually. I would just add that not eating completely usually backfires on me as I then inevitably end up shovelling in crap junk food by the end of the day as I am so hungry my self control disappears. Could you have some veg soup or something low carb to fill you up a bit?

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MillieMoodle Sat 19-Oct-19 15:37:32

Welcome @fizzfizzplinkplink. I also have a wardrobe of stuff that doesn't fit me!

@TreesSandSea omelette is a good idea for lunches, I never think to cook anything so usually end up eating bread.

I had the rest of DS2s toast and jam for lunch, which was about 3/4 of a slice. Also had 2 cups of tea and 1 cup of coffee. I'm starving at the moment though!

Sausages and pasta for dinner here.

fizzfizzplinkplink Sat 19-Oct-19 15:56:10

Hello. Just realised I'm also due on which always gains me 2-3 extra pounds in fluid. Still haven't eaten anything, except another big mug of peppermint tea. Don't have much in, so might pop out and get some vegetable soup and fruit. Feel like I almost need to purge myself!

TreesSandSea Sat 19-Oct-19 19:12:56

I’ve just had quorn bolognaise on crunchy lettuce for tea, with two glasses of white wine. That brings me in at 998 calories for the day.

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TreesSandSea Sat 19-Oct-19 19:33:11

@fizzfizzplinkplink I am over invested in whether you have eaten yet and if so, what? 😂 I am also a bit frustrated that MFP thinks I have had too few calories so won’t make a prediction today about my weight loss hmm

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TreesSandSea Sat 19-Oct-19 19:37:29

Also, @MillieMoodle we have chickens so always have loads of fresh eggs. 😁

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TreesSandSea Sun 20-Oct-19 08:11:53

This morning’s weight: 14st 10.8lbs

Coffee for breakfast

Hope you are all having a good weekend 😁

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MillieMoodle Sun 20-Oct-19 08:28:07

@TreesSandSea how many chicken do you have? Are they easy to look after? Well done on a good day!

I had two more pieces of toast with butter mid-afternoon and then we went out for dinner and I had a burger with a brioche bun, cheese, bacon, lettuce and mushrooms, with chips. And two glasses of Dr Pepper zero. And then about 5 small squares of Galaxy chocolate in the evening. I didn't use MFP yesterday but will start that today.

Breakfast will be 2 weetabix with semi-skimmed milk. Not sure about lunch or dinner yet!

pixidreaming Sun 20-Oct-19 08:38:01

This thread is perfect timing for me, if you will have me?

I've slowly been gaining weight and I have been in complete denial. I look and feel horrendous.

Just weighed myself and I am 11st 2 1/4lbs. I'm short and small framed and the extra two stone is all hanging round my middle and chin!

Today's the day grin

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