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Have you been asked recently when your baby's due (and not been pregnant?)

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Bubble99 Tue 14-Aug-07 21:50:25

I have. Three times this month.

I even have an imaginary 'due date' memorised. And have really hoped that I'll never meet the person again.

WideWebWitch Tue 14-Aug-07 21:51:19

horrid. The woman in q really wanted to piss me off too, she knew damn well I wasn't. (not saying I don't look it, I do! But she knew)

fishie Tue 14-Aug-07 21:54:17

ooh yes, on a training course last week i was wearing a higly fashionable smock haha. and i poured the coffee into the saucer instead of putting the cup down because i was so embarrassed.

Bubble99 Tue 14-Aug-07 21:54:42

Oh, that is horrid, www.

Mine have been really kind enquiries and, although I've said.. "no, I'm just fat".. in the past, I haven't wanted to make these kind people feel awful. Hence the imaginary due date.

Bubble99 Tue 14-Aug-07 21:56:18

Ah yes, those smocks.

Even Kate Moss has looked paunchy in those.

LucyJones Tue 14-Aug-07 21:56:35

oh yes, yesterday I was wearing a trendy tunic style top from topshop (or so I thought) and bloke who stips to talk to me in the street asked if I was having another one already have 3 year old and 11 monther. was very ped off....
Top will now stay at the back of the wardrobe.

Bubble99 Tue 14-Aug-07 22:00:06

Damn those tops.

Actually, whose idea were they?

PrettyCandles Tue 14-Aug-07 22:00:07

Not recently, but it happened to me at a 10year reunion. I hadn't seen the man in question for about 2y, at which time I had only ds1. He asked me when I was due and I replied "6 months ago - her name is Xxx and she weighed 9lb3oz." He practically fell over himself apologising and everyone else pmsl'd themselves.

I have also had "What, you're still pregnant!?" just as I opened my mouth to announce the birth (a few days earlier) to someone.

Bubble99 Tue 14-Aug-07 22:02:36

Did you announce the birth to the latter, or just tell them how the 'pregnancy' was progressing?

GoingThroughChanges Tue 14-Aug-07 22:03:03

Yes. Someone told my MIL they had seen me in the shops & was angry at her for not telling them I was pregnant!!

That day I started a diet & lost almost 3 stone!! Wish I could get the willpower now again!!

LucyJones Tue 14-Aug-07 22:03:53

I think Kate Moss is to blame because she looks stick thin whatever she wears
I think I'd rather be asked if I was pregnant than ask someone who isn't..... oh the shame and embarassment!

scienceteacher Tue 14-Aug-07 22:04:40

Happens to me all the time.

dissle Tue 14-Aug-07 22:06:17

was told i look "blooming" a few weeks ago.

fucking "BLOOMiNG" wtf!!!!!

PrettyCandles Tue 14-Aug-07 22:10:30

I jolly well did announce it to them! Harumph!

And those smock-tops are dire for anyone with more than the bare minimum of curvature. Particularly the ones with a little gather under the boobs. How I searched for something like that when I was pregnant!

KristinaM Tue 14-Aug-07 22:10:40

oh goody, i want to moan about this

went into small local chemists on holiday

ask sales assistant for metanium nappy cream

she says they have soem other creams which are cheaper

i say no thanks this one suits baby best

(this shoudl have been a clue that i already have a baby i think)

proceed to till. i ask to speak to pharamacist & ask her advice if i can take a particular OTC med while i am breast feeding. answer yes. all this is hearing of assistant

( shoudl have been hint no 2 that baby is alreday born)

give item to shop asistant to pay. she then asks " so when is your baby due? ". i'm embarrased & flustered and dont answer. She then shouts across shop at pharamacist " But can she take these when she is pregnant?"

pharamcist comes back in concern.I have to explain to them both that no i am NOT pg just fat

lemonaid Tue 14-Aug-07 22:11:01

I'm rather relieved that I am now pregnant -- it had happened a couple of times over the previous six months.

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