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ThisMustBeMyDream Mon 14-Oct-19 00:08:33

I am sat here, absolutely starving. I am following slimming world. Which is easy for me. Can follow it with no major problems. Except I can't lose weight unless I reduce portion sizes. I have attached some pictures to show my portion sizes prior to trying to reduce them little by little. I want to scream and punch walls!
I am at the end of 3 weeks and have lost 6lb. 4lb of that in the first week. So it is disheartening to have lost nothing this week. I'm 15st 7 so not exactly small with not much to lose.
Today I have had: Breakfast fibre one cereal bar, berries, banana. Lunch homemade spring veg soup (about 450ml. I'd usually have 600ml) and cheese portion (35g lower fat). Dinner Quorn stirfry with half the amount of noodles I would usually serve. Syns: 2x space raiders (6), sauce for stir fry (3), one flump (1.5)

This is fairly typical for me since starting SW.

It's the portion sizes I just want to cry over! If anyone else has had to do it, how long did it take to stop finding it so painful?

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FlatheadScrewdriver Mon 14-Oct-19 22:56:08

I'm a SW follower but I would be hungry on that! As @Graphista said, you need to explore different choices to get more fullness for your portions/points. I'm no expert, and often struggle to get it right, but when I stick to something similar to the below, that's when things go well. It is a long haul though and if you said you were only 3 weeks in, I can understand feeling a bit overwhelmed. Every good choice counts, and gets you nearer where you want to be. My meals that fill me up:

Breakfast - porridge made with water, chopped apple, cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey; or high protein yoghurt with fresh or frozen fruit; or wholemeal bread and scrambled eggs and mushrooms?

Lunch can be trickier depending on where you are / facilities at work, but soup, omelettes, jacket potato etc all with roasted veg or salad.

I try and stick to one snack a day and know I get grumpy by around 4pm so then have banana, or yoghurt, or cheese and crackers if I've not already had cheese that day.

Supper I do have really big portions still, but the plate is 60-70% veg. I feel full, and I still have pasta or rice or whatever, just different ratios. I like a big supper to try and stave off the evening snack urge!

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