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Is this is a decent diet or am I still snacking too much?

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maveta Tue 14-Aug-07 17:49:19

I want to lose approx 7-10lbs of baby weight (10 ideally but I´d be happy with 7) in about 6 weeks - 2 months. I´m still breastfeeding and I like my food so I´m not wanting to do anything too drastic but I DO want the weight to come off. I can´t afford to buy more clothes, I just want to fit in the ones I´ve got! I´ve been pondering my food intake and while I don´t want to cut calories too much because of feeding (and because I NEED TO EAT! lol) I am trying to cut out the rubbish. I´m planning on going for a 30min jog 3 times a week (only just started this week so only gone once so far!). Today looks like this:

8am Breakfast - Small bowl choc muesli and very little milk. Milky coffee.
11am Mid morning - orange juice zapped up with some frozen fruit (red berries/peach etc)
2.30pm Lunch - grilled meat and salad or veggie stir fry and a bit of rice or similar. Low fat yoghurt for dessert.
4pm After siesta - decaf tea and mini muffin
6pm 2 slices of cheese and a quely (small hard savoury biscuit-thing)
9pm Chicken noodle soup or raw veggies with houmous and a couple of slices of cheese/ham maybe some salad if I can be bothered etc
Maaaaaybe a sugar free jelly portion for dessert.

Now I really really like my sweet stuff and breakfast is the only thing I won´t change. I´ve already cut down from a big bowl to a 40g portion and have cut out a lot of the junk snacking I was doing throughout the day. Does this look like something approximating a healthy diet or am I still eating far too many calories? Does anyone know?? Any pointers or advice appreciated! I can´t eat dinner earlier because that´s when dh gets in and it´s really important that we eat together (same goes for lunch).

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Tue 14-Aug-07 17:51:54

WHy not try peeling and eating an orange at 11.00 it takes more calories for your body to break it down.

ELR Tue 14-Aug-07 20:52:27

instead of sliced cheeses try a mini babybell light only 46 cals afternoon siesta try a wholemeal scone or a handfull of nuts instead of mini muffin try some nuts with morning snack too

maveta Wed 15-Aug-07 16:03:46

okay, thanks for the suggestions, seems like I must be more or less on the right track then.. well, I guess we´ll see when I weigh myself! lol. cheers.

LoveAngel Wed 15-Aug-07 18:02:11

Instead of the mini muffin at 4pm and the cheese at 6pm,

- Have a bigger, healthier snack about 4pm- wholemeal pitta with reduced fat houmous and loads of raw veg sticks? Or wholemeal toast w/ houmous / honey & sliced banana / reduced fat peanut butter? It might keep you going longer -

- Then a proper dinner at about 7pm, and nothing later in the evening (when your body works harder to digest food)

maveta Wed 15-Aug-07 18:33:08

loveangel, that´s a good idea, might do that then and have one snack instead of two late afternoon, will give it a try.

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