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Is this healthy ?

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Vegisgood Sat 12-Oct-19 16:20:47

My diet starts Monday ( yes I know i said this 5 Monday’s ago!! 🤣)

Is this a healthy meal plan for a day

Breakfast - cheese omelette
Lunch - tuna pasta
Dinner - chicken, rice and veg
With fruit and a alpen bar for snacks?

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Baguetteaboutit Sat 12-Oct-19 17:08:34

People have such radically different ideas of what counts for healthy now so I suspect you might get spectacularly different answers to this.

From my perspective, your fruit and veg count seems a bit limp. When you say veg with dinner and fruit for a snack, do you mean one portion of each? Do you have any veg you haven't mentioned in your tuna pasta? Or anywhere else through the day?

Pinkblueberry Sat 12-Oct-19 17:21:13

Agree with pp - It’s certainly not unhealthy but probably a bit low on veg. Also what you describe is a bit vague if you’re dieting to lose weight - how good an omelette is for weightloss depends a bit how much cheese you’re putting in there or if your frying it in a load of oil, same with tuna pasta (tuna pasta per se is great - tuna pasta which includes four tbsp of mayo not so good maybe...)

MrFartPants Sat 12-Oct-19 20:48:21

Portion size factors just as much, if not more, than what you're eating. Are you weighing your food or measuring portions to keep it consistent?

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