Paul McKenna I can make you thin

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Daisyboobooboo Mon 14-Oct-19 12:30:49

Quantum yes I have maintained for many years now. Haven't listened to cd for a long time. Will dig it out again as a booster.

QuantumWeatherButterfly Mon 14-Oct-19 10:20:55

It worked very well for me years ago, and I maintained the weight loss for a long time - until circumstances 'reprogrammed' me again. I've struggled to find the zone again properly, despite some success recently, but the news that there is an App is excellent - I'll be downloading it when I'm back from my hols!

Daisyboobooboo Mon 14-Oct-19 10:09:25

MadCat I also did Paul's Gastric Band hypnosis's which actually caused a sensation in my upper tummy that says when my tummy is satisfied. Sorry it didn't work for you. It's really only mindful eating/intuitive eating which is something I've done for many years.

madcatladyforever Sun 13-Oct-19 22:18:22

It did nothing for me. I got fatter. I had a gastric band instead.

Daisyboobooboo Sun 13-Oct-19 22:17:06

Dieting made me overeat and binge. This mindful eating method gives me complete flexibility and puts food back in its proper place doesn't it? Well done Op. Glad your off to a successful start.

havannaoohnana Sun 13-Oct-19 21:04:58

@Daisyboobooboo great to hear that it works long term, thank you!

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Daisyboobooboo Sun 13-Oct-19 19:28:06

I've been doing this for years and years. Yes it works and once you get it it stays with you forever. I can rarely overeat anymore and have been this way for over 15 years.

Daisyboobooboo Sun 13-Oct-19 19:26:19


havannaoohnana Sun 13-Oct-19 17:44:48

@Lollygaggles it's going really well thank you! I have always struggled with the idea of leaving food on my plate so now I have numerous Tupperware in the fridge with leftovers smile that's my weeks lunches sorted! Good luck with your first week

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Lollygaggles Sun 13-Oct-19 16:45:39

I have just started it today and I already feel differently about food. I had the revelation that I don't ever taste anything because I'm in such a hurry to shovel the next mouthful in! Today I made a lovely mega veg soup and enjoyed every spoonful and actually felt myself getting full at the end.
Havanna, how are you doing?

fiffaffu Fri 11-Oct-19 19:54:16

Yes it works. It's about mindful eating. Eating like someone who has never dieted.

DobbyTheHouseElk Fri 11-Oct-19 14:13:35

I must dig out my cd, it was good. Took so long to eat a biscuit I gave up wanting to.

timeforawine Fri 11-Oct-19 14:09:11

Thank you that's helpful :-)

MissDew Fri 11-Oct-19 13:13:55

It reacquainted me with my, 'full' signal. I sensed it loud and clear and just lost interest in food and eating once I was aware my tummy was full.

I eat pretty much a normal/healthy meal. Food does not seem as exciting now. You describe it as sorcery. Yep, me too.

I do the meditation sound track too. Very good. Part of the, 'sorcery' is a genuinely renewed interest in exercise.

Albeit Mr. McKenna does advocate eating fresh, healthy lightly processed food. I have no problem with that.

havannaoohnana Fri 11-Oct-19 13:04:07

@timeforawine yes mine have changed completely. It tells you to eat exactly what you want, to eat very slowly chewing each mouthful 20 times, to stop when no longer hungry. And there's another rule I can't remember. I've realised that I'm full up eating around half of what I used to. Eating food I like means not feeling deprived, and I've honestly never thought less about food whereas in the past it consumed every part of my life!

I have treats that I don't end up eating, because I'm not hungry. It's sorcery! The app has videos and a nightly trance to listen to, I always fall asleep but something must be going in smile

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timeforawine Fri 11-Oct-19 11:36:51

Hi OP, very interested in this, how is it helping? Do eating habits change?

havannaoohnana Fri 11-Oct-19 11:34:51

Is anyone else doing this?

I've downloaded the app and I'm on day 4. I must say I'm loving it and finding it easy so far, and scales are saying 5lbs off!

I'm 5ft 5 15 stone 8lbs, addicted to food binge eater emotional eater the lot. And this just seems to have clicked. I know it's early days but here's hoping!

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