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Cant start

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Cookiedough123 Thu 10-Oct-19 21:45:15

About 6 years ago I went from around 13.5 stone to 10. Looked amazing and felt amazing. Over time I found my ideal weight of about 11st (5ft9) and was quite happy at this weight. Every few months I would put on and go back up to around 12 and then cut to 1200 cals and lose it again. This year has been an absolute disaster. I stopped going to the gym and my diet is absolutely appalling. I know it is and it makes me feel awful knowing the junk I'm filling my body with day in and day out. Eg today I've had a dominos, a few home made cookies, cornflakes bars and some pizza for dinner. I know how to eat good but I cant be bothered cooking I'm just so lazy at the minute. I started the gym again a few weeks ago and was going good until this week when I've just found excuses not to go. How do I get out of this cycle??? I like going the gym, I like eating healthy but I just cant shake this unhealthy cycle I have right now. Usually after about 2-4 weeks I am fine and stick at it. Anyone else in the same kind of rut???

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Cookiedough123 Thu 10-Oct-19 21:46:37

Missed a bit out. Was meant to say I am back up to where I was 6 years ago maybe even worse (haven't dared check) and feel disgusting !! Just want to sort my diet and fitness back out :-(

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Pipandmum Thu 10-Oct-19 21:50:10

I was the same. But I’m going on a plane at Christmas and I was at my heaviest ever and the fear of not getting the seatbelt to fit, plus that I was 4 stone heavier than my last visit and that provided the motivation. Get a goal and just start. One hour at a time if you have to. Don’t buy the food in the first place and don’t eat something if it means you’ll just have to eat another.

Pipandmum Thu 10-Oct-19 21:51:28

And I’d love to be 13.5 stone! I’m aiming for 12 and I’m just a bit taller than you.

AuntyElle Thu 10-Oct-19 21:53:14

Yes, similar. I’ve also always been able to stop things at a certain point, like a switch going off in my head, and change to a healthier lifestyle. Although each time my weight before the switch kicks in is higher. But now, it’s like there is no switch. I’m my biggest ever by a long way, I know it’s going to be such a long road back, I’m getting older and I don’t feel like I’ve got it in me now. Part of me doesn’t care enough any more. Even though I’m having health consequences now.
That’s not very uplifting is it?? confused Sorry. One thing that I’m trying to remind myself is that the time will pass anyway, so if I carry on as I am, I’ll just be bigger by Christmas, next Spring, this time next year...

Cookiedough123 Thu 10-Oct-19 22:01:49

It helps to know that it's not just me and that its normal to feel like you just cant stop. I have plenty of motivations and sometimes it's a holiday or the thought of being in a bikini that gives me that push. Maybe the fact I haven't had a holiday this year doesnt help. I will go the shop twice a day just to buy a bit of junk whether its brownies or chocolate or whatever. I know I can do it and I like going the gym again now. I just cant seem to sort out my eating habits.

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fiffaffu Sat 12-Oct-19 11:11:17

So how are you now OP. Have "started" yet.

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