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6 stone to lose, lost 2, now bored!

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silverandpurple Thu 10-Oct-19 19:00:42

How do you keep your focus?

The thing is, although I’m still massive by most people’s standards (well, by my own, really) I FEEL much slimmer and so as a result I think it’s skewing my thinking. I was 15’7, currently 13’7 and convincing myself I’m svelte (ha!)

I’m writing this partly as a reality check but also to ask how I can keep myself focused in the coming months?

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DownUdderer Fri 11-Oct-19 04:40:15

Some of the long running weight loss threads on here have helped me no end. It’s nice to pop in every day and see how everyone is going and tell everyone how you’re going. I’ve found a lot of support.

Nextphonewontbesamsung Fri 11-Oct-19 05:16:50

Well 2 stone is a brilliant loss and I bet you do feel much better for it. Can you treat yourself to something new as a reward? Luxurious beauty treatment, haircut, new boots or shoes, expensive soap, something new for the house?

When you give something up you need to fill the void with something else more wholesome ... I bet you feel more confident now so maybe time to learn a new skill/start a new hobby?

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