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Sugar addiction

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carrottopper Wed 09-Oct-19 18:47:13

I am a sugar addict!! I eat around 3-4 of those snack size chocolate bars a day and then a few sweets. I'm really strict about the sugar my children have but I have a real problem. I'm terrified I've caused diabetes with all the sugar spikes.

I eat 3 good reasonably healthy meals with a range of veg throughout the day, but I overeat on sugar treats.

Any suggestions how I can stop?

Really worried I've caused diabetes. I have a health check for hitting 40 at my drs in a few weeks.

I'm at the top of my BMi but size 12 and I. Proportion.

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poptypingchef Tue 15-Oct-19 09:53:18

Is there healthy alternatives that you can stock up on to act as your go to snack. I love strawberries and they are the better of the fruit. I also love houmous and carrots. If you feel like snacking maybe go for a glass of water and then your healthy alternative to try and distract your brain.

ppeatfruit Tue 15-Oct-19 11:24:22

The dentists say that if you MUST have a sugary treat, then have it straight after a meal , because it's better for your blood sugar levels (which are already raised by your meal) and the acids in your mouth help to keep the teeth clean.

So don't have it on it's own. btw I had terrible toothache so I couldn't eat anything ! I gave up my chocolate and thought if I can do it for 3 days I'm going to do it for good. I have and I lost I suppose about a stone (I didn't mean to grin ). I have a large hot drink after a meal now and it helps with the cravings. Oh and the thought that my teeth and figure are staying better !

I would be careful about being strict with your children about sweets it can cause obsessions . Just be normal. Best not to call sugary stuff a treat

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