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Health nerds: what weight should I actually aim for?

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crazyhead Tue 01-Oct-19 10:53:20

So...I am 43, and my BMI is a bit high (25.9) through v gradual gain over time (I haven't weighed myself at all until recently), and I am trying to make small lifestyle changes to get it down over time. But I don't know what to aim for, post two kids and knocking on in age. Can any health experts help here?

I am a muscular build and lot quite a lot of exercise (weights, HIIT, running). I use a Boditrax machine at the gym, which claims that I have a high lean body mass and body fat of 25-26%. It stays fairly constant but may be inaccurate (years ago though, I was in a clinical trial where they used one of those BodPod things, and at a BMI of 23, my body fat was apparently 18/19 so I reckon I am genuinely on the muscular/stocky side).

My waist circumference is 29.5/30 inches. When I was slimmer it was 28 inches (never low). My lowest adult BMI (20s/early 30s) was 22/23 I think.

My LDL cholesterol was always slightly high, even when ultra slim, so
I can't afford to carry extra blubber. I ought to get it remeasured! My blood pressure is fine though.

What BMI would you aim for in health terms? Is it a bit deluded trying to force my post-kids body back to my former leaner state? I like food and want something realistic. This isn't about appearance for me, though I'm more in the size 12 than 10 side of my wardrobe and wouldn't mind looking a bit slimmer!

Thanks for your thoughts

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ppeatfruit Tue 01-Oct-19 14:08:22

I'm into my health, how tall are you? You sound ok to me, maybe go low sugar\alcohol.

( I went off sugar because one of my teeth was paining me, the result was incredible! I lost weight, my whole body improved, skin, eyes, muscle strength!) It's difficult to maintain because of course sugar is in everything!. But a goal I work towards using molasses as a healthy sweetener.

crazyhead Tue 01-Oct-19 14:22:25

I'm 5 ft 4. That's interesting (and dramatic!) about sugar ppeatfruit.

I suspect you are right about something like that. I'm also weighing up a few days a week of 16/8 eating (for health, but also just to reset a bit on the idea of not automatically snacking).

Alcohol is my weakness, just having wine too often, which is a lot to do with sugar craving at a certain time of night I suspect. I am pretty good about a lot of veg and wholegrains etc. But if I had to be honest about the main reason why I've gradually put on weight, I think it is wine, and perhaps attendant snacking.

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ppeatfruit Tue 01-Oct-19 15:00:54

Oh it's incredibly addictive too! have you read Jason Vale's book about it? It really makes one think.

I hate being addicted to anything, I like being in control!!! So I'll have the odd freshly ground coffee or glass of good wine, or piece of dark chocolate , but say every 2 -3weeks, so I remain in control! I found with all those it's very hard to be in control but I like a challenge !

The night time eating is a disaster! I sleep so much better when I don't eat anthing after 6ish.

ppeatfruit Tue 01-Oct-19 15:03:21

Well I sound a bit of an obsessive don't I ! But I'll have a large ginger tea or some fruit sometimes after 6 and I do go out and eat later of course grin.

ppeatfruit Tue 01-Oct-19 15:07:29

Oh Iam non wheat (of any type, organic wholegrain is worse for me, it gives me the exhaustion and bloating). I do love organic pure rye and or spelt bread though.

crazyhead Wed 02-Oct-19 12:54:45

I haven't read Jason Vale's book. But you sound as though you have balance! I nearly do, but the weight thing is still a bit of a sign I reckon...

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ppeatfruit Wed 02-Oct-19 15:08:23

Do remember that the medical profession's reliance on BMI results have been discredited for years because the weight of muscle is heavier than fat!!!! You may be only a couple of numbers above your "desired" weight but apparently it's statistically healthier to be over than under grin So don't worry. grin

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