Slenderisters! Watch the weight Fall off us this October

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RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Mon 30-Sep-19 15:06:47

Shiny new thread!

Come one and all to fight the flab and get ourselves fully prepared for the festive season!

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RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Sun 03-Nov-19 18:21:37

Slightly talking to myself but new thread here

Slenderisters unite! Watch us avoid bonfire toffee and feel virtuous by eating soup!

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RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Sat 02-Nov-19 19:58:28

Back in control food wise today so I'm feeling good about that

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RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Sat 02-Nov-19 06:54:18

Sorry I've been a bit awol this week!

Excellent advice, as always, quim!

Had this week off really which I probably shouldn't have done but no changing it now. Back on it from today. I've been batch cooking again so the freezer is filling up with on plan teas and soups for lunch because it's definitely not salad season any more.

Tried a new Zumba class last night but it was cancelled as only two people showed up! Found another one on a Wednesday that suits me and my Saturday morning Zumba buddy better so I'll try that one instead.

I hope everyone has a healthy, exercise filled weekend!!

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QuimReaper Thu 31-Oct-19 10:52:59

(Just to add to that - as you know, I eat carbs continuously from Friday morning to Sunday evening, so you definitely don't need to avoid them altogether for it to make a difference!)

QuimReaper Thu 31-Oct-19 10:43:16

Thanks Ello grin <polishes halo>

I hear you on the carb envy. My husband now doesn't bother with added carbs (because his mancrush at work told him to reduce them hmm ) which has made it easier, but I developed coping strategies over the years (if I haven't said all this before, which I'm almost certain I have - sorry):

- Firstly, wherever possible, plan dishes which are complete in themselves, but which the kids can have carbs on the side of, rather than separate meals, so protein and veg and they can have potatoes, or a stew and likewise, or soup and they can have bread. You don't have to deprive your kids of spaghetti etc. forever, but breaking the carb habit is one of the hardest things I've ever done (more in terms of coming up with enough non-carb-centred recipes than anything!) so give yourself at least a couple of weeks of reduced temptation whilst you get used to it. (Which you will, honest smile )

- Eat most things out of a bowl - a smallish one. This helps with not feeling deprived: it took me ages not to see protein and veg as an "incomplete" meal, so I started paying attention to how meals are presented in restaurants (and on Instagram...). I eat practically everything out of a small, shallow pasta bowl (if it's soup or similar I just use a cereal bowl), so for protein + veg meals I cover the base of the bowl in salad leaves, then sprinkle any veg over those, then add protein, then sprinkle a garnish (chopped spring onions, feta, whatever) so it looks "complete", and husband has the same but on a plate so there's room for extra carb component. Mine looks better grin

- Make carbs you're not jealous of! I really struggle to make lovely buttery mash and not eat it, but I'm less jealous of rice so he gets that a lot...!

- Similarly, make carbs you can't "nibble" - you mentioned a baked potato, that's a brilliant thing to have on the side of a lovely vege stew etc., and they're contained amounts so you can't change your mind and just chuck some on your own plate at the last minute or graze on. Less easy with bread, but having the exact number of bread rolls for everyone except you, for instance, could work.

- On that note ^, plan ahead: I always have the most willpower in the morning and the least whilst handling food, so I keep bread rolls in the freezer and get out one in the morning for him. That way the decision's been made and they're not taunting me whilst I'm at my weakest. Similarly, with baked potatoes, you can make them ahead and heat them up, or even just put them in the oven earlier in the day so you can just turn it on at the right time, and not have to contemplate them.

I'll try and take a pic of my dinner sometime so you see what I mean about presentation, it sounds like a small thing but I honestly think it's made a massive difference to me. On the small bowl thing, I also eat from a side plate if a plate is required - when I make frittata (every week practically) we both have a big pile of salad leaves with cherry toms, but his is a dinner plate and mine's a side plate so my smaller slice doesn't look dwarfed.

Having said all that, carbs are not necessarily the enemy. Have them at weekends, have them every other day, you don't need to go into all these acrobatics to avoid them if it's making your life miserable. I'm a bit evangelical because as I said, it was pure habit with me, and I managed to cut a lot of calories out of my life by changing things up, and I think lots of people could really reduce their carb intake (and up their veg intake) quite painlessly, even if it's only a couple of meals a week.

Elloello Wed 30-Oct-19 17:44:12

Quim you're an angel you are 👼
Thank you 💐
I don't tend to talk much about it irl so it's all swirling in my head.
I decided to go for the dance app workout thingy and I've only done a couple of tutorials but it looks like something I will enjoy.
With the meal plan, repetitive is easier definitely. I've always been trying to do lower carb but then I end up wanting jacket potato and spaghetti like the kids 😕

QuimReaper Wed 30-Oct-19 11:01:02

Ello welcome back into the fold! I'll take your questions:

I need to devise a basic menu which I can work with the family.

Do you / your family mind things being a bit repetitive? We eat the same things over and over in this house (during the week especially - I get more creative at weekends or when we have company, but not much more) purely because I like to keep things simple. I keep a spreadsheet of all of our meals so I can just flick my eye over it if I'm feeling uninspired, but also so I can pre-enter our dinners, which I do as I'm doing the weekly shop online, to make sure we have everything. Takes the thought out of it and, more importantly, the spontaneity. Husband has the same breakfast every day and packed lunches which are essentially the same 3/4 things on repeat. I'm very happy to help you come up with a meal plan for a few weeks whilst you get into the swing of it (and I'm sure the more creative others will too!) then it's just a question of keeping it ticking over.

Is 800 too low? 1600 to high?

Not necessarily and not necessarily grin #Helpful I would say that 1600 is almost certainly too high for you. It's unlikely to leave you in a calorie deficit unless you are in an exercise regime. There is no "too low" on any given day; plenty of people have 500 cal days, and I do a 48hr-ish liquid fast each week. But the right calorie amount is what you can stick to the majority of the time without being hungry, grumpy, miserable, etc, and 800 is tough psychologically (even if it's adequate physically). Most people find 1200 to be a happy medium: doesn't allow for many indulgences but doesn't leave you hungry or deprived. There's a great reddit feed called something like "1200 is plenty" where people post their 1200-cal daily meal plans, great for inspiration!

Do I have to do the gym or can I just do something I like?

Of course you can do what you like, you great noodle grin I haven't been to the gym in donkey's years. I like plugging into a podcast / audiobook and going for a walk, so I do that and nothing more. It keeps the weight off, and I'm not toned, but I don't seem to care enough about that to do anything about it...

Can any cereal actually be healthy? I'm yearning for fruit and fibre in the morning at the mo, eggs don't always appeal.

Boxed cereal can't really ever be healthy. The problem is that they're stuffed with sugar; and also that the calorie amount cited on the box is usually for 30g, and I think most people naturally have about triple that! 30g is absolutely measley. Do you like porridge? 30g of sugary cereal simply doesn't leave most people satisfied all morning, so you get a lot more bang for your buck with porridge or protein. That said, it won't kill you to just have it when you don't fancy eggs a couple of times a week.

Regarding the exercise thing: is your rationale that if you've paid for it you'll be motivated to do it? I know that works for some people, but I wouldn't trust myself not to just waste money and then hate myself. I don't know anything about that programme, but my suggestion would be to committing to doing a free youtube tutorial x times a week for a fortnight first, see if you can do that, and then reassess. Even if it's not your ideal workout programme, find one or several you don't mind too much and do it just for the habit-forming of it.

Blahblah 3kg in 1 month is a tall order, we'll handhold you through it! What an amazing achievement so far, well done. What's your strategy been?

Kick it's the weather, definitely! As Ello says everyone wants to hibernate and gain a winter coat grin It would also make me disinclined to go for a run, but then, I am always disinclined to do that, you might feel different.

Here's my shout: if you have an absolutely superbly golden day today and tomorrow you'll feel AMAZING, in control and determined, and it'll carry you through the indulgent bit and you'll come out the other side clear-headed and ready to tackle any gains. If you admit defeat now and just eat your way through it, you'll feel sluggish and grumpy and will struggle even more to find the wagon.

So start now, and then enjoy your plans, and then get back on it. You know it makes sense!

<cracks whip>

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Wed 30-Oct-19 06:49:51

Hello all. I'm still here in spirit but lurking because I'm so far outside the zone I'd have to shout!

Quim and red well done to both of you for holding the fort. And well done on your successes flowers

I've got back into bad habits and its showing. I'm not sure why really. Just struggling to engage will power. It might be the weather or it might be because I'm running loads which makes me eat more (but not lose weight).

I've got a big week next week with dd's birthday followed by a weekend away so I think I'm waiting for that before I start but I know that's silly because I could easily have gained another 3-4lb by then.

Please come and shout at me!

blahblahblahblahhh Tue 29-Oct-19 17:18:35

In was 85kg on the last day of April after I gave birth to my second child.
I'm now 67kg and I'm absolutely going to be 64kg by 1st December! Another month! Feels a long time but it will be worth it!

Elloello Tue 29-Oct-19 17:14:48

Speaking of exercise, I am > < this close to buying one of those online exercise packages that's been coming up on Facebook loads. Ive been trying to find more info on it but there's not much, maybe not a good sign I don't know. It's the figure 8 fitness one with a dancer called jaana. I put a message up on mn but no response. Sometimes you wonder if people think you're just trying to push a dodgy commercial but it looks fun, looks like it would do my waist some good, almost like it will be like taebo (used to love this) but more dance-y. Does anyone know anything before I chuck my hard earned at it?

Elloello Tue 29-Oct-19 16:59:59

Hello! I have been awol and need to get sorted as winter has definitely started to make its way here. I just want warming stews and hotpots.
I need to devise a basic menu which I can work with the family. I have no idea what calories or plan I am following. I have no idea what the right thing to do is anymore! Any advice welcome.
I've got so many things on my 'don't eat this/you must eat that' list that I have a totally dysfunctional relationship with food choices. Everything conflicts and confuses me now. Is 800 too low? 1600 to high? Do I have to do the gym or can I just do something I like? The perfectionist and procrastinator in me is ruining my efforts 😕
Can any cereal actually be healthy? I'm yearning for fruit and fibre in the morning at the mo, eggs don't always appeal.

QuimReaper Tue 29-Oct-19 14:02:39

Red Thank you! Yes, I think I'm happy with my current weight smile I really just decided to keep going and see how it played out but now that pretty much everything I own comfortably fits me, I'm taking my foot off the pedal a bit. I hated having so many things in my wardrobe that I never felt really comfortable wearing, but I had a huge trying on / clearing-out session a couple of weekends ago and I've really turned a corner. I'm surprised I had to go 4kg under what I thought was my "comfy weight" to get here, but I think it might be because I'm an apple, I only ever pay attention to the weight around my middle, whereas of course I do carry it on my bum and hips too, I just never pay much attention to those areas, so I had a bit of time when I was getting lighter but not visibly shrinking. I know I'm in the "vanity pounds" area, as nobody has noticed or mentioned anything about my weight even though I'm 7-10lbs lighter than I have been in recent years, so I guess it isn't coming off anywhere that noteworthy. (Most people would probably just be minding their own business, but my husband would have remarked if he'd noticed.) It's definitely been coming off the bum and thighs though, my usual jeans are confirmed Too Big now, they look a bit ridiculous!

I'm the same with taking a day to ease back onto the wagon, then on fire once I'm in the zone. I think you're right, Zumba is a much better investment than Slimming World, especially when you think you're no longer benefiting so much from the accountability and advice - I've never been but I can't imagine every meeting is a revelation, whereas Zumba will always do you good. I still haven't tried it, I really should.

dayslikethese Nice to see you back! It's gone awful quiet here this month but Red and I are still chugging away grin I think when the clocks change and it gets cold lots of people lost their mojo for exercise and just want to eat warming food (and remember how awesome it is to be able to hide in winter clothing...) but I'm expecting a bit of a surge of interest in the next couple of weeks when everyone suddenly wants to lose a bit in time for Christmas. Perhaps you're the advance guard!

dayslikethese1 Tue 29-Oct-19 11:39:51

Hi Everyone,

I fell off the wagon and off the last thread but back now and focused once more. Have cut back on wine, am food planning better and am trying to get a good amount of sleep as those tend to be my triggers for overeating.

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Mon 28-Oct-19 18:52:36

Brilliant weigh in result quim are you at target yet? That includes either an average over the week or for those precious few seconds after a morning weigh in!!

I am semi back on the wagon today. I ate and drank everything over the weekend but still went to Zumba on Saturday and went for a run today. Food was okish today so will be superb tomorrow. It always takes me a bit to get back in the wagon.

I've decided to give the SlimmingWorld meetings a rest for a while. I'm loving my Saturday morning Zumba class and there is a Friday evening class near by that I'm going to start going to as well. Time and money is in slightly short supply so SlimmingWorld is getting sacked off. I might go back after Xmas but feeling confident that I can get the final half stone (more like 11lb after the weekend I'd guess!) on my own.

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QuimReaper Sat 26-Oct-19 10:47:31

WELL. Last week was definitely a blip - I was 1.2 KILOS down yesterday morning! shock Kicked last week's random gain and 900g besides!

Red That sounds GLORIOUS, you lucky thing, enjoy every second and happy birthday to Mr Red! Booze and cake was very much in evidence Chez Quim last night, I am a little delicate this morning and have no regrets at all grin

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Fri 25-Oct-19 09:16:38

Quim pulled fake chicken sounds good I'll keep my eyes peeled for it. I'm avoiding the scales for a few days as it's DH's birthday weekend which we are starting celebrating today! The kids are going to the grandparents and there is much booze and junk on the horizon- YAY!

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QuimReaper Wed 23-Oct-19 10:12:06

WOOHOO! New low, that's wonderful Red, well done! And hooray for smaller jeans on both of us (even if we seem to be the only two surviving slenderistas)! I only decided I was slim enough for jeans last year and bought three pairs cheap on Asos, so I'm quite chuffed with this progress. They're slightly high-rise and now too loose, so when I sit down now I have this big baggy crotch accumulation which is sooooo sezzy grin

In other news, my bean thing was delicious! That pulled "chicken" is great for giving a bit of bite to a vege stew without using meat, very cheap and convenient.

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Wed 23-Oct-19 06:49:30

12st 5.5 on the scales this morning which is a new low!

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RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Tue 22-Oct-19 20:56:46

Ooooh quim I feel a shopping spree coming on! Very exciting news on the newly needed smaller jeans!

I'm not seeing a huge shift in the scales at the moment but all the exercise is definitely shrinking bits of me. I need a belt with some of my jeans now. Think it'll be a bit before I need to downsize them though but that's ok

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QuimReaper Tue 22-Oct-19 20:18:02

Red when I used to ride I had abs of steel, it's definitely not a doss!

I've got a bean stew thing on the hob as MrQuim suddenly harvested millions of beans, it's got a bit of leftover chorizo and some of that Linda McCartney pulled "chicken" in and some kale (also thrust at me covered in mud from the garden...!) and it smells fab - hope it tastes good smile

I think I have to say something. I've been suspecting it for a while but I didn't feel sure. I believe... <dramatic pause> MY JEANS ARE TOO BIG shock

Well, they're jeggings so have probably stretched in time, but I really think I may have lost weight off my arse, they're getting ludicrously loose. Hurrah!

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Tue 22-Oct-19 20:08:35

Only did a short run yesterday and today. Yesterday was because of time pressures and today's was because I felt a bit odd. Had two packets of crisps and two fun size chocolate bars abs then felt well enough to go riding (would basically have to be dead to be poorly enough to not ride though). Going to rude again tomorrow after work but my Fitbit classes it as running so as long as I work hard enough it's not an easy skive off.

Apart from the aforementioned crisps and chocolate my food has been good!

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QuimReaper Mon 21-Oct-19 21:05:38

Red your steps were certainly impressive!

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Mon 21-Oct-19 19:58:12

Good day food wise for me and managed a short run which is good as I don't normally get chance on a Monday. Smashed the exercise over the weekend so that is good news!

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QuimReaper Mon 21-Oct-19 13:39:30

Hey hey guys! Glad to see you around, I was talking to myself for a bit there blush Very true Red and it does seem to happen every few weeks or so irrespective of how good I've been so I'll just brush it off. Glad to hear you're powering on - I had a very calorific day yesterday (pub lunch - SO worth it!), so am also hoping to undo the damage.

Red that's a pretty good result after a week off, and I bet a lot of it'll be fluid retention and will evaporate pretty quickly - feeling better I trust? Definitely take it easy on the running if you're still a bit chesty!

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Sat 19-Oct-19 21:54:32

Well I finally braved the scales after over a week of feeding my cold. blush

I'd gained 3lb so not great but could have been worse. I'm much better now but still a bit of lingering asthma so I am hoping to get back out running this week.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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