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Lose 7lbs/3kg in October!

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cricketmum84 Mon 30-Sep-19 08:17:56

Link to previous thread here: Half a stone or 3kgs off in September!!

Can't quite believe it's time to start the October thread already!!

So here it is, our challenge to lose half a stone in October. Oldies, newbies and lurkers all welcome. We do a mix of diets/healthy lifestyles etc. I swapped ww for mfp last month to help me focus on nutrients rather than just calories and also follow 16:8 most of the time.

As per every month we ask for positivity, encouragement and motivation to be the best version of ourselves we can be!!

Stats for start of October for me are:

Starting weight: 19.3
Loss for Sept: 10lbs
Loss for 2018: 5st 13lbs

Goal for October: 18.7 - another 10lb loss.

See you all here tomorrow!!

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Mrscog Mon 30-Sep-19 08:27:24

Just checking in so I don’t lose thread! Good luck everyone smile

Jeds55 Mon 30-Sep-19 11:06:20

Thanks for new thread.
Current weight -11st 0.4
Loss for Sept - 6.4lbs
Target for Oct - 7lbs (have holiday and birthday so not too confident about this!)
Good luck all

Beerincomechampagnetastes Mon 30-Sep-19 11:22:00

I’ve been following your September thread but not posting.
My starting weight in September was 12 .39
And currently after fluctuating all month between 1 or 2 pound loss , today I weighed in at 12.3 sad

I’ve gained this weight 1 pound at a time over a two year period, now I’m in a size 14 and I’ve never been this size in my life.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve cut out alcohol completely and I’m keeping my calories to around 1200.
I do yoga + 1
Pilates x 2
And a min of 10.000 steps per day.

Can somebody give me hope before I facepalm into a sponge cake 🍰

WoollyFoolly Mon 30-Sep-19 12:47:37

Marking place ready for tomorrow!
beer I've had lots of success using intermittent fasting, I do 16:8. Might be worth looking in to to see if it would suit your lifestyle? I think it's really helped avoid the plateauing that you get when you do low-cal diets for a long while.

HearMeSnore Mon 30-Sep-19 13:23:11

I'm in.

I did the 7lb in July (and actually lost 8lb grin) but then went on holiday and fell off the wagon.

Weighed today and have put 3.5lb back on.

Starting weight for this month : 14st 2lb

Would like to be convincingly under 14st by the end of the month.

Beerincomechampagnetastes Mon 30-Sep-19 14:25:44

Thanks wooly I’ve never had to diet before really so I’m a bit lost.
I’m quite moderate food wise and I exercise regularly.
I’ve gathered some bad habits in my 40’s and it really shows - so I’m flailing trying to get ahead of it.

MilesJuppIsMyBitch Mon 30-Sep-19 15:05:51

Checking in!

Finished September at 11st 11, a loss of 5 pounds.

Roll on October!

lightlypoached Mon 30-Sep-19 18:34:50

Hello again. It's boomerang me!

I'm ill with a cold and fever so not fasting today.

Will be back on the wagon soon.

K1ngmarbs Mon 30-Sep-19 18:38:08

Ooh can I join please ladies
Starting weight for Oct : 16’12
-6lb in September would like to be another 7lb down by end of Oct

Pipandmum Mon 30-Sep-19 18:42:44

Lost just under 10lbs in September. I’m eating three meals a day during the week totally 1500 max and two meals at weekends (same calorie count). I have personal trainer twice a week and do Pilates and yoga and swim. Not so great at walking (normally 5-6000). I’ve just ordered some Exante to do 5:2 - replacement for the fast days and still keeping to 1500 on the other days as hoping to up my loss a bit in time for Christmas (when I will be away and eating off plan and enjoying it)!

Mrscog Mon 30-Sep-19 19:25:18

I am finding keeping health in the front of my mind really helpful. And I do feel better. Today I’ve had - porridge with fruit, leek soup, couple of mini scotch eggs, one small rocky bar, and then roasted tomatoes on olive bread. Aiming to get another loss on scales by Thursday.

Isitafullmoontonight Mon 30-Sep-19 19:35:18

Can I join please? Am battling a thyroid disorder and really struggling to take control of my weight.
I weighed in at 12st12lbs today... Another 7lbs this month would be amazing

JellyMouldJnr Mon 30-Sep-19 21:01:16

I'm going to check in for the first time!
Starting weight: 15.2
Aim to lose 7 lbs in oct.

Dunno how. I need to decide!

HollyTheHarrier Mon 30-Sep-19 21:09:08

Wow, so many fabulous results for September! Well done everyone!

2018SoFarSoGreat Mon 30-Sep-19 22:01:54

I'm in. My plan to kick start the month is to eat more raw foods (carrots/celery/radish and the like) during the day and to have soup and salad for dinner at least 3 nights a week. Homemade soups (DH makes amazing soups, from his own veg stock) have done the trick for me in the past. I can eat two huge bowls in a sitting, but they fill me up and it sticks to the ribs. With the slight nip in the air this week, I"m ready for soup time!

beforeIhit30 Mon 30-Sep-19 22:06:11

Hi all!

Great boots @cricketmum84 smile

Right, stats!
Starting weight (18 Sep): 179.6lb
Current weight: 176.8lb
Target: 140-145lb

Hadn’t expected a loss but pleased I have! Hope to lose at least 1lb a week, obviously more would be great but main thing is steady and sustainable and the overall trend to be downward.

For today’s food we happened to be out for a treat, so had one main meal today (lots of marinaded meat, some salad, some chips), then in the evening had a pastry/dessert. So, much more carbs/sugar than my usual but didn’t feel the need to go overboard or stuff myself. Let’s see how we go from here!

@Isitafullmoontonight I have hypothyroidism and it has taken years (and a fair bit of work) to get relatively stable with symptoms and weight management, so you have my sympathies, it can be really tricky.

Mamimawr Mon 30-Sep-19 22:23:31

I'm in. I'm finishing September 12 stone 5, half a stone off in October would be great.

I've made a vegetable soup today for lunch for tomorrow and a few extra portions for the freezer and a slimming world friendly cottage pie for tea tomorrow. At least 1 October should go well!

Tanaqui Tue 01-Oct-19 05:57:14

Thank you @cricketmum84, and great boots!
@Beerincomechampagnetastes, have you had your thyroid checked? Slow weight gain on a moderate diet sounds a bit odd.

Well, I am 10.2 this morning - heavier than September 1st! Working full-time kills me too @ilovesundays, I agree it's the lack of walking, and for me the constant availability of food! Hoping to get under 10 again (which I did in Sept!) and stick there, so my target for October is 9.13 but a solid secure one. Happy October everyone!

Beerincomechampagnetastes Tue 01-Oct-19 06:30:37

Hi tanaqui

I’ve not had my thyroid checked...yet. The weight gain I’m allocating to the weekly wine habit I developed over the last couple of years. I ditched all alcohol about 8 weeks ago and I suppose I assumed quicker results.
I weighed in at 77kg this morning 12.1 so I’ve lost 1 pound.
I’m going to give it a bit more time.
Thanks for the support.
Good luck to everyone star

cricketmum84 Tue 01-Oct-19 06:48:15

Morning all and welcome to October. Let's smash this thing!

Huge welcome to all the new joiners!!

19.2 this morning which means I've now lost 6 stone!!! I think I will be settled at around 13 stone as I'm pretty tall and have quite a big build. 13 stone would put me at about a size 12 which I would be really happy with! So you've got me for another year 😂

Plan for today is:

AM - lots of water and green tea
Lunch 1pm) - egg mayo and salad on a wholemeal roll
Dinner - lentil chilli and salad with a little cheese and sour cream

Wishing us all a happy and low fat day!

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WallyIndie Tue 01-Oct-19 06:48:30

Checking in!
Starting weight: 67.6kg
Loss for Sept: -1.1kg

Hope to do better this month! No holiday this month, so hopefully won't get side tracked.

Vebrithien Tue 01-Oct-19 06:53:35

Morning all. Love the boots Cricket.
Weigh-in today: 90.2kg.
September loss: 3.2kg (yay!)
Loss since April: 20.8kg

Have gone down 2-3 trouser sizes and 1-2 top sizes, with at least 12cm off of my waist circumference. Had a few lovely comments when I went back to school (teacher) from the summer. Am now firmly in the overweight category, rather than the obese. Am now the lightest I've been since 2010.
My next target is 84kg. I would love to be below this come Christmas. This would get be much closer to a healthy BMI.

But, am struggling with the blues at the moment, especially with the start of October. The weight loss was triggered by a missed miscarriage in March, followed by another in July. I'm coming up for my original due date and struggling, with lots of tears. But I'm determined not to revert to old ways and comfort eat. Having something positive to focus on is helping.

Sorry for the ramble!

izzypink Tue 01-Oct-19 07:19:39

Hi I'd like to join, I have never completely lost the weight I gained when I had my DD 2 years ago blush

Starting weight 11 stone 3.5lb
Goal 10 stone
Happy with 7lb off in October.

HollyTheHarrier Tue 01-Oct-19 07:25:07

Morning all. 60.1 here this morning. Yesterday was an ok day in terms of food. Slept very badly last night due to work worries and today I am travelling so double whammy of things likely to make me reach for the chocolate! Just a skinny latte so far. Will aim to have a salad based lunch and something not too heavy for dinner

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