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Anyone had a gastric balloon?

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Ineedtoloseweight Fri 20-Sep-19 22:44:21

Sorry about the ‘loose’ instead of ‘lose’ - faceplam!

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Ineedtoloseweight Fri 20-Sep-19 22:43:21

I’ve name changed btw

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Ineedtoloseweight Fri 20-Sep-19 22:42:59

I’m so sick of being overweight. I find that I can generally maintain weight but now I’m nearing my 40’s I find it really hard to loose it.

I’m stuck in a rut of fad diets and binging and I’m just really sick of it. Still wanting to loose the last 2 stone I put on when pregnant four years ago. I am just so tired of it all!

My partner wants us to get married next year and all I can think is I won’t be able to bear looking at the pictures of us with me as this weight!

So I’m considering a gastric balloon - anyone have any experiences of it they would like to share??

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