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Binge eating

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poppy135 Fri 20-Sep-19 21:36:46

I have a very emotional relationship with food and i just can’t stop binge eating at the moment. When I lose a bit of weight I then sabotage it by binging and putting it back on again. The binging properly started when my dad was diagnosed with cancer and then a year after the diagnosis he died . It happened about a year and a half ago and I would like to lose a stone in weight and I know it would make me feel better but deep down i just can’t stick to a plan and I end up getting v despondent and down about it . Feel locked in a vicious cycle at the moment. Anyone else feel they same way and wondered if anyone could share some tips on how they got through it?

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poppy135 Fri 20-Sep-19 21:41:41

Anyone else been through the stress of the 11 plus recently?!

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