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Help! Food I can eat while on shift

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Zaphodsotherhead Thu 19-Sep-19 20:13:05

I've lost three stone since January, am now at target weight. I lost it through a tight diet and lots of exercise (running), and I'm keeping up the running as I want to run a half marathon next year.

I work in retail, 7/8 hour shifts with only a 20 minute break. I usually work lates, from 2/3 til 10pm. I can manage to eat a breakfast of grains/yoghurt and a meal when I get home, but I need to eat something when I'm on shift, in those 20 mins, otherwise it's a very long shift. What the hell can I have that's low cal, easy and quick to eat (ie no cooking), that will keep me on my feet for the second half of the shift? At the mo I'm having a rice cake, or a banana and I'm sick of both of those!

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MagentaRocks Thu 19-Sep-19 20:22:50

I take egg muffins to work. 3 medium eggs, 30g chopped spring onion, 50g feta. Mix it all together. Put in muffin tray at 180 for 20 minutes. I chop them up and put the in.a little Tupperware box. I find them filling. About 350 cals for the lot.

Zaphodsotherhead Thu 19-Sep-19 20:43:12

Thank you, that sounds really delicious. Will give them a go!

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Blondie1984 Fri 20-Sep-19 02:08:32

Ryvita with Philadelphia or Laughing Cow Light spread
Malt loaf & Babybel Light
Greek yoghurt with fruit
Pitta with hummus and veg sticks

Zaphodsotherhead Fri 20-Sep-19 09:03:44

Pitta and yoghurt are out for 'speed eating' reasons,and I already sometimes eat a Ryvita in the evening, but malt loaf sounds like a very good idea, thank you Blondie.

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ChocOrCheese Fri 20-Sep-19 17:19:03

John West does various types of prepacked tuna or salmon salads. Used to be called Light Lunch - name may have been tweaked. They're about 250 cal, don't need refrigeration and are tasty.

Zaphodsotherhead Sat 21-Sep-19 10:16:45

I've seen those around, Choc, I'll have a look! As long as I can eat them within the 20 mins - I tend to eat slowly and some salads need a lot of chewing! But they sound good...

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