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In such a rut.. please help.

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SunshineAngel Thu 12-Sep-19 01:05:25

Age 29, living with partner and his 16yo son (yes, we have a big age gap).

I lost 12st 8 years ago, stayed a healthy weight for ages.

Since moving in with partner, I've got into unhealthy habits, unhelped by their prior lifestyle as they're used to takeaways much more often than I was (which was pretty much never), and we had the kitchen done and got messed around so had no way to cook a healthy meal for a few months.

Work from home, ridiculously busy, so have neither the time, energy or motivation to exercise.

Have severe anxiety, which is made worse by poor diet and lack of exercise, but it's a vicious circle.

I'm snapping a lot at my partner and his son which I feel awful for, but I'm just in such a rut. I've gained weight, my clothes are tight, if I try to cut back on food I just feel super hungry, and sometimes when I get a bag of crisps I can't stop myself getting another, and then another, and then a chocolate bar. I literally sit eating, hating myself for it.

Does anyone have any tips about what I can do to get myself back on track?

I love my partner and our life together (and the fact I'm so comfortable with him is part of the problem of me letting my eating and weight get so bad again) but honestly, I just look at myself and bloody hate what I am.

Has anyone else experienced this and improved their life?

I cook healthy meals now we have the kitchen, it's snacks that are the problem.

I just cannot summon up the energy to exercise. The whole thought of getting healthier and in shape seems so utterly daunting at the moment, I just don't think I can do it.

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hightymike Thu 12-Sep-19 04:24:31

Bumping for you. Also could you not buy any crisps and chocolate at all and instead buy healthy treats like lovely olives or avocados or nice dips and crudites. Avoiding carbs really helps too as all they do is make you hungrier for more carbs.

SunshineAngel Thu 12-Sep-19 12:45:04

Thanks, when I lived on my own I could do this, but now I have DH and his son, and it's just not fair to not have anything in the house like that, as they're not overweight, and don't binge. I think I need to lock things away somehow, to be honest. I just find myself itching to eat, and I don't even know if it's normal, or if I have a real problem.

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