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I'm curious

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Mummyneedstobecomeagymbunny Wed 11-Sep-19 12:56:03

A question to the floor, I'm curious as to why you want to lose weight?

I've fluctuated between a size 8-16, (this is down to emotional reasons break-ups, deaths in the family, baby weight etc.)

Now I want to lose weight to improve my confidence. What about you?

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SimplyBeBlythe Wed 11-Sep-19 17:34:27

I’m just coming out of a two year period of depression and I want to look like me again. I need to lose about four stone.

Wanderlusting99 Wed 11-Sep-19 22:18:19

I want to have another baby, having had high blood pressure and two babies born before 30 weeks a quick drop of a couple of stone will help me stay healthier for longer when pregnant.

Isittheend Wed 11-Sep-19 22:19:13

I have suffered with anxiety and depression. Last year a lady I knew growing up died in her sleep basically brought on by sleep apnea caused by her weight. I spent about 2 months after this being convinced I was about to die, I even went to GP and asked him to test me for diabetes!
He put me in touch with a weight loss group. It was medically important for me to lose weight to gain control of that fear and anxiety. I still have panic attacks.

FagashJackie Wed 11-Sep-19 23:12:05

isittheend I hope you are ok, that's sad about your friend.

3dogs2cats Wed 11-Sep-19 23:52:39

Prediabetic and sick of being self conscious. And my knees had started to hurt.

frozenonions Thu 12-Sep-19 04:45:24

I recently LTB.

For the last few months of our marriage, I'd been comfort eating and drinking to numb the misery of being married to this twat. My size 16 clothes were getting tight.

Two months later, I'm a comfy size 12. I'm eating less, not drinking and hitting the gym.

Ex DH has put on about a stone grin

boredboredboredboredbored Thu 12-Sep-19 07:35:36

I hate feeling fat on my body. Can't stand my jeans digging in when I sit or having wobbly thighs. I feel & look so much better at a certain weight but I struggle with food so much!

MashedSpud Thu 12-Sep-19 07:46:36

I lost four stone 18 months ago and it’s creeping back on so I need to stop ignoring it and lose again.

I’ve decided to give Slimfast a try this time and bought the mint choc and the berry vegan shakes. I was always sceptical of sf but the 20g of protein per serving swayed me. That and it’s on for a tenner a bag at Boots.

There’s something quite empowering about losing weight.

Isittheend Thu 12-Sep-19 09:26:23

I'm ok thanks fagashjackie. I find I'm like a simmering pot. Most of the time I'm ok but I go through times when I just boil over. I'm in control (and I'm busy) at the moment.

OddestSock Thu 12-Sep-19 17:38:47

It sounds shallow, but I wanted to be able to go into a shop and pick something up that wasn't plus sized, and for it to fit. I wanted to look good in clothes rather than just living in jeans and t-shirts because I didn't see any point in trying to look nice.

I had spent my whole life being overweight, and disliking how I looked.

I went from a size 16 to 10-12, and am at a healthy BMI. I've spent a small fortune on new clothes ;) oops!

frozenonions Thu 12-Sep-19 18:44:02

There’s something quite empowering about losing weight.

^ I couldn't agree more.

And @OddestSock yes the clothes thing is really important to me too. I love clothes, and as I was getting fatter I was just getting more miserable with not being able to find anything that made me look good. Realising that wearing black, oversized clothes didn't actually make me look slim was a bit motivator for me finally pulling out my fat finger and losing weight.

thewinkingprawn Thu 12-Sep-19 19:07:38

I want to feel better. I had no energy, was waking up feeling hungover from all the rubbish I was eating and needed to nap every afternoon. I started at 16st 3 in July and am now 14st 8. 2 lbs to go to get out of the obese bmi cataegor and 2.8st to go until I am a healthy weight for my height. It’s hard.

BookwormMe2 Thu 12-Sep-19 19:20:39

I wanted to lose weight for health reasons – I'm getting older, pushing 50, and I didn't want to end up being one of those overweight elderly women huffing and puffing up the high street with a stick or a walker. But as it happens there's a health-related reason why I've been gaining weight, so sorting that out means I'm now losing weight. Go figure!

QuimReaper Thu 12-Sep-19 19:54:40

Pure vanity. I was effortlessly skinny until my early-mid twenties and I miss my old clothes and the feeling of not worrying about looking fat. The fact that I now have to work at it is dismaying but I've decided it's worth it for me.

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Fri 13-Sep-19 10:15:43

I definitely feel better and, in my opinion look better, at size 8 than at size 20 blush

thenewaveragebear1983 Fri 13-Sep-19 19:46:34

It's vanity for me. I want to be skinny.

For me, I dieted and exercised a lot, and lost 3 stone (woohoo!) but as a result I'm quite muscular and therefore not skinny despite being lighter. I'm having real trouble changing my mindset to embrace this new healthy muscular physique because in my mind the look I was going for was the waif-like, 90's model look and I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I will never achieve it.

I definitely agree there's something empowering about losing weight; I am treated so differently now I am slimmer (positive and negative )

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