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Does anyone find weighing themselves on a particular day more or less helpful?

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Gemi33 Sun 08-Sep-19 07:41:54

I know in theory it shouldn't make any difference but I'm curious whether anyone finds it better to weigh in on certain days rather than others? I have always weighed myself once a week on Saturday but I am increasingly realising that my eating is worse over the weekend and that maybe in my head I think it's ok because I have the rest of the week to claw it back.....but actually it starts the week off badly! I was thinking of switching to Monday thinking it might keep me on track over the weekend because I know I will be weighing myself Monday morning....has anyone else found a change of WI day has been better/worse?


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TroubleTroubleTrouble Sun 08-Sep-19 12:40:05

Hello @Gemi33

I'm starting a diet tomorrow so my weigh day is going to be every Monday, assuming I stick to it grin

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