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WW - sounds daft but I can't eat enough points...anyone know what i mean?

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lucylala Wed 08-Aug-07 16:01:41

ok, having been on a mad exercise regime for last 7wks am now running 3miles 4 times a week. I feel 100x fitter and my clothes feel a teeny weeny bit loser and my cellulite has definately improved BUT I haven't lost a single pound!! Am watching what I eat - not seriously dieting but definately not eating loads and not very much shit so am utterly frustrated.

Anyway, am thinking I might have another bash at WW. However, everytime I've done it in the past the leader always tells me I'm not eating enough points. However, if I eat more than I usually do how am I going to lose weight. My diet when I'm doing Ww is something like this:

2 toast & low fat marg and extra low fat spread cheese - 5 points (?)

4 ryvitas and ham and a bit of mayo - 5 points (?)

banana - 1 or 2 points

90g of pasta and a tomato based veg sauce and a bit of parmasen ( 3 for pasta, 2 for cheese = 5 points)

So that equals 16/17 points, even if I treat myself to a digestive after tea it's only 18points.

BUT i'm 15stone and doing a lot of exercise so know I'll be entitled to a lot more points than 18.

I'm not a big meat fan and the exercise is making me hungry so I'm tending to fill up on pasta and rice with low fat veg sauces.

Help - anyone had this experience or can give me any advice.

If anyone is going to tell me I'm not eating enough, I thought the whole principle of weight loss was eat less calories, burn more calories...

Help - a v frustrated and fat (but fit) Lucy LALA

snowwonder Wed 08-Aug-07 16:14:07

you could add some more fruit,

i suppose the lower you have the quicker you will lose,

i do know what you mean when i have followed the plan i always chose loads of low point foos like quorn sausages etc, and dont have enough points

must get back on it

Overtiredmum Wed 08-Aug-07 17:16:13

Hi Lucylala. This is probably not what you want to hear but in my opinion and from experience, you are not eating enough. I was 14 stone when I did WW and after calculating my daily total points allowed, it worked out to be something like 23/24 and then you can have extra points for exercise (but no more than 12 points a week). Why not try the Free Choice, where you can eat whatever you like from the free foods list, and have a weekly points target, can't remember what that was but something in the region of 25 (someone correct me please?) and then add 12 points to that for the exercise, which would mean on top of all the free food you can eat, you then have so many points per day for treats. Plus you probably haven't lost any weight because of gaining muscle which is heavier than fat, so you probably have, its just not showing on the scales. Hope that all makes sense, but as I said below, someone please feel free to correct me cos its nearly two years since I was on WW. Anyway, stick at it and keep up the good work, which I had your enthuiasm!

Overtiredmum Wed 08-Aug-07 17:17:27

Enthusiasm!!!! Its been a long day and have only just started work!

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