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Exercise to lose weight with poorly feet!

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MyNameIsAlexDrake Sun 01-Sep-19 23:17:19

Deep water aerobics would be good. You use a floatation belt so it is entirely non weight baring.

Dragongirl10 Sun 01-Sep-19 22:38:40

Pilates and strict diet, lots of pilates can be done lying down or sitting.

Weight loss is 90% diet,and the pilates will tone

orangeshoebox Sun 01-Sep-19 22:35:55

plus swimming or aqua fit for cardio

Calyx72 Sun 01-Sep-19 22:32:08

Rowing machine is the most efficient machine for burning calories apparently. Good luck and hope your feet are better soon!

GoFiguire Sun 01-Sep-19 22:29:41


Imtrying2 Sun 01-Sep-19 22:19:04

I’ve piled on weight over the last 2 years, I’m the biggest I’ve ever been. I desperately need to lose at least 4 stone for my health and for myself, I can diet no problem but exercise is the main issue has I have plantar fasciitis in both feet and tendinitis in one foot. Which is worsened by impact, to the point I can hardly walk. Can anyone recommend any non weight bearing exercises that will burn enough calories for me to lose weight?

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