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RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Sun 01-Sep-19 08:18:21

New thread!

Well it looks like I'm 3lb up on pre holiday weight so that's pretty good. I've been on damage control the last few days so will do my best to keep focused (pesky Oreo thins getting in the way!)

Here's to a lighter September for us all!

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poorpaws Wed 04-Sep-19 21:58:52

Just a quickie as I’m off to bed before I p eat anything else.

I’ve spent the whole evening doing food shopping at two different supermarkets and I’ve spent a fortune on what seems very little food. I came home really craving something lovely and ended up eating a family size pack of strawberries. At one time it would’ve been a family size block of chocolate and strawberries are very low-calorie so I guess I’m doing okay.

Hope everyone is doing well but I really really want to be the slimmer of the month in September. I know there isn’t such a thing on this thread but I think there should be 😀

QuimReaper Thu 05-Sep-19 11:00:39

suchsweet conferences are murder! Waving biscuits and sandwiches at you left right and centre, it's no good. The last one I was at, I was absolutely superb at dodging all the carbs, stuck to my hard boiled eggs and tea... until the wine reception blush

paws what have you been stocking up on? Is it loads of "health food" stuff like posh oats and quinoa and flax seed? The good thing about those is that they do last ages (or indefinitely if you're like me, and your enthusiasm wanes before they're a quarter empty and they languish in the cupboard until your next burst of enthusiasm grin )

I like the idea of Slimmer of the Month! It might give some of us the odd boost if two of us are neck and neck, like the FitBit Challenge does.

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Thu 05-Sep-19 18:40:01

Yes to a slimmer of the month!

Have decided to not go for a run tonight and will have a bath instead.

Sometimes you just need a rest! Steps have been on today, at home with the DC so a bit limited by the 2yr old. Food has been good, tea is in the oven and smells delicious!

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KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Thu 05-Sep-19 19:46:51

Well I don't think I'm going to be slimmer of the month. So far I've regained 1lb.

Can I be runner of the month instead? I've just done a five mile trail run followed by a hill reps session. I'll definitely gain another lb tomorrow. I always do after a hard run.confused

Not doing too well on the food this week. Work meetings have also been my downfall. Hoping for a fairly sensible weekend though.

poorpaws Thu 05-Sep-19 21:45:04

I’ve tried to do damage limitation today because we’ve been out with the dogs all day and I did a massive picnic. I didn’t eat the cream cakes or porkpies or loads of the other stuff ‘im indoors ate. I still ate a lot more than I’ve been doing in the day recently but didn’t do too badly. It was great that the ice cream van wasn’t there so no temptation.

Quim It wasn’t even a stock up shop but I keep running out of salad I eat so much of the stuff so I bought two of everything And masses absolute masses of fruit.

kick We could have a runner of the month Which I would never ever win. I was thinking dunce of the month for the one who’s actually gained weight but I fear that would be me far too often.

So what are we going to do? Shall we wait till the first of the new month and all give our losses or gains and decide who wins? As Quim says I think it might motivate us a little bit. I still want to win this month.

QuimReaper Thu 05-Sep-19 22:10:41

Kick you can definitely be runner of the month! Surely, unless you reward for yourself for a good hard run with a deep dish pizza and a tub of ice cream, that's surely just muscle water retention and you'll end up lighter? I too will never win that grin

Red Good for you! You definitely deserve a night off, especially if you've been on the stepping all day. What was your delicious tea?

paws Double dosing the salad sounds very promising for your upcoming trophy! I always go completely bananas on picnics and eat three meals in one sitting, so I admire your restraint. I'm jealous you had picnic weather, where are you? It was warm in the sun in London but definitely not picnic weather.

I think that is a good idea - we should all just clock our total losses and start the new thread with them, and we'll all cheer the winner. It'll be difficult to do it at the end of the month as everyone has a different weigh in day so people might miss logging it, but the first of the month is a good hard line, and it should put a fire under everyone to really kickstart the new month. Whoever starts the next thread can remind everyone in the first post, and in the last post of the current thread when they link to the next one. This'll be fun! I lost 1.5kg net last month (1.8 gross) and that's about the biggest loss in a single month I've ever seen so I'll play cheerleader grin

<cartwheels off>

QuimReaper Fri 06-Sep-19 08:40:00




LOWEST WEIGH IN EVER!!!! I've lost 1.1kg AGAIN and am not only in a new kg bracket, which I've fleetingly dipped into about twice in the past, but I'm practically at the bottom of it!!


At this rate I really might achieve my elusive "Monday morning weight" aim which I've been chasing for about two years!


RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Fri 06-Sep-19 10:20:58

Quim that is bloody brilliant! gringringrin
You are living the dream!

I had this for my tea last night and it was lush. Highly recommend.

Poor good work on avoiding the picnic dangers, sadly, handheld convenience food is usually calorific and very hard to resist!

Kick you'd definitely win the runner of the month! I'm pushing myself at the moment (largely thanks to the Fitbit challenge groups) but I'm not in your league!

Such it's so difficult when best laid plans go out the window! An early night to avoid further temptation is a very good technique.

16:8 is going ok so far so will carry on with that as well as SlimmingWorld for now.

Yeah I think 1st of the month to the 1st is the best way of doing slimmer of the month.

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QuimReaper Fri 06-Sep-19 11:38:04

Thank you lovely Red grin I am so chuffed! I actually got off the scale, went downstairs to put the kettle on, then went back upstairs to double check I hadn't scrambled the numbers in my haste grin

(In that time I'd had a big glass of water and gained 200g apparently grin Goes to show how committed I am to 'weighing on empty'!)

Did I already tell you all about my NSV a couple of weeks ago? If not it's coming again; I had a pink dress which I used to LOVE but got too chubby for it a good few years ago, it has a very rigid waistband. I kept trying it on and I felt it was flaring at the hips, so kept hanging it back up again. A few weeks ago I saw it on eBay in a size up so bought that thinking I'd give up on the original, and it hung EXACTLY the same, flaring at the hips, only it was hanging off me! I realised it was just the style of the dress and I'd just never noticed before because I wasn't paranoid about it. So now I'M WEARING IT TODAY! First time in about 7 years!

Oh my God that tartiflette looks amazing shock Do you know I've never ever had tartiflette. Sounds like something I should be looking into, although I think I'll go in for a weekend calorie fest version first time round!

QuimReaper Fri 06-Sep-19 11:38:43

Sorry that post was so grinny and exclamation-y, can you tell what kind of mood I'm in...?

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Fri 06-Sep-19 16:46:40

Quim that is AMAZING!!! gringrinhalostar

I am also feeling chuffed because I actually was down by 2lb this morning. Not sure I believe it. I was probably dehydrated but I'll celebrate anyway. grin

Now to keep it off over the weekend. Have a good one everybody

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Fri 06-Sep-19 18:33:45

I'd never had a tartiflette either but I will again (tonight in fact and got another two portions for the freezer)

Quim I think that result deserves all the exclamation marks!

Kick well done on the 2lb! The weekend is mildly problematic isn't it. We are doing a huge Sunday lunch at ours for DM's birthday so I'll be reasonably restrained for that and very good all the other days (so Saturday basically!) and hope for the best.

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poorpaws Fri 06-Sep-19 20:22:57

Quim omg you are amazing, truly amazing, I am so envious of your weigh-in results. IfI had reached the lowest weight ever I’d be shouting it from the rooftops, sadly that will not happen for a long, long time.

I’m in South Devon and the picnic was at New Bridge at Dartmoor. The weather was gorgeous and I only had a light, thin jacket on. We got to the moors a lot but it’s the first time we’ve taken the dogs and they had a marvellous time.

Red love the look of the tartiflette, I’ve never tried one but mit looks delicious.

Kick you’re doing brilliantly, well done you (so glad you use lbs I don’t do kgs)..

I ate a Curly Wurly tonight, haven’t had one for years but I needed a sweet kick and they are only 118 calls (or thereabouts). I tried to make it last for ages.

Have a great weekend everyone, not long to the first September weigh-in, think I’ve done ok and hope you all have too.

poorpaws Fri 06-Sep-19 20:27:14

Lots of errors in that sorry, my iPad is sticking (especially the space bar) so I have so much to correct and I missed a few.

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Fri 06-Sep-19 21:17:15

Poor my mate swears by a frozen curly whirly to make it last longer!

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leesmum Fri 06-Sep-19 22:10:39

QUIM nice one honey 😍

lastqueenofscotland Sat 07-Sep-19 00:41:58

Quim you Machine.
I ate a lot of food today blush

Elloello Sat 07-Sep-19 00:43:29

@QuimReaper so happy for you WELL DONE! You're so wonderfully supportive too, thank you and you deserve it.
Are you still doing the team rh thing? I think now would be a great time for a motivational speech!
Ive been reading some psychology based stuff and some about retraining your brain. I keep messing with the calorie thing but I think it needs to run a bit deeper.

poorpaws Sat 07-Sep-19 08:41:08

Red they are in the freezer now. I used to freeze them years ago but I’d forgotten so thank you.

poorpaws Sat 07-Sep-19 08:42:43

Quim photos are Newbridge, Dartmoor. I didn’t take them, I googled and nicked them.

poorpaws Sun 08-Sep-19 17:08:26

Ok, so I’m well aware that during the first week most people lose a lot of weight and it most definitely won’t continue like that for the rest of the weight to be lost
I lost 4 3/4 pounds this week, which is nearly 5 pounds and since I “only” need to lose a stone that’s nearly halfway, right? Delighted 😀 (but celebrated today with a baguette and double ice cream which was so, so delicious).

Hope everyone has had a good weekend.

QuimReaper Mon 09-Sep-19 11:23:08

WOW paws that's amazing! Well done! Absolutely well on your way there, you'll be at half a stone in no time! As you say it'll probably slow down, but what a terrific start - even a pound a week will see you there before you know it!

Thanks for your kind words paws and everyone else smile Having been stuck between 1.5 and 2kg heavier than I wanted to be ALL YEAR, it feels frankly miraculous to finally be seeing movement on the scales. I've had to ramp things up and it's been a bit of a slog, but I was getting really despairing before, thinking I was doing well but then just not seeing any results; being despondent is not remotely motivating, whereas even if it's much harder, there's nothing like a tangible reward to give you a kick up the jacksie. On Saturday I wore another dress I haven't worn in absolutely ages, and felt fab! It's been far too tight for me for ages, and it has a waistband with no give and a sort of satiny sheen so you can really tell if it's straining. It's funny, I do think it's still tighter at the waist than it was when I last saw it a few years ago, and when I know for a fact I was heavier. I think I have some really stubborn fat around my midsection. I might just be more paranoid about things looking too small for me though, and have some kind of wardrobe dysphoria.

Kick well bloody DONE to you too, amazing! Goes to show the running losses take a bit of time to settle in, I think a rest day gave your body a chance to find its feet.

Ello I think my brain hasn't woken up yet - what is Team RH?

QuimReaper Mon 09-Sep-19 12:45:32

OH also! I had dinner at a friend's house on Friday and her husband popped in for a few minutes - the first thing he said was "bloody hell you're looking slim" shock Nobody else has said anything, even my own husband who has sometimes noticed a loss in the past, so I was so surprised, coming from him of all people (i.e. not someone I'd have thought would notice). I wasn't even standing up. I forget when I last saw him, but it must be showing a little bit!

dayslikethese1 Mon 09-Sep-19 16:47:50

Hi Everyone, hope you don't mind if I drop back in (been here ages but have NC)...

I've really dropped the ball and feel lumpen and terrible atm but I am not giving up; have started logging on MFP and cooking from scratch more again and am determined to get back to my previous good habits.

Does anyone else have a really good stretch and then it all just suddenly falls apart for no real reason? I was honestly doing so well until a couple months back, I'm not sure what happened blush

dayslikethese1 Mon 09-Sep-19 16:48:49

I am feeling inspired reading about all your progress here smile

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