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Slenderisters! The nights are getting darker but we are getting lighter! Join us to lose 7lb in September

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RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Sun 01-Sep-19 08:18:21

New thread!

Well it looks like I'm 3lb up on pre holiday weight so that's pretty good. I've been on damage control the last few days so will do my best to keep focused (pesky Oreo thins getting in the way!)

Here's to a lighter September for us all!

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KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Sun 01-Sep-19 09:37:44

Thanks for the new thread Red.

I lost 3lb in August which could have been better but could have been worse. At least I'm heading in the right direction. I'm 11.4 again this morning. Hoping to get it down by another lb or two this week.

I've got another full day of decorating in store. It doesn't record many steps but it feels like a full day workout!

Elloello Sun 01-Sep-19 10:37:40

Thanks for the new thread red.
Oh dear another August gone, another shed load of work to be corrected! Honestly, the summer is as bad as Christmas! I don't know what approach to go with, I've been trying to decide on a calorie level. I also read 'have your cake and your skinny jeans too' about hunger directed eating and it made sense but I don't think I can be trusted with this approach!
What is everyone planning?

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Sun 01-Sep-19 11:41:38

Kick good work on the 3lb! I have put on 3lb in August! But firmly blaming my 1 week holiday for that.

Ello I'm still plugging away at SlimmingWorld world and if I can just knock the post tea snacking on the head I'll be 100% on plan. I see quite a few early nights for me next week until I can break the habit.

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Elloello Sun 01-Sep-19 12:51:42

Red how are you finding sw? I've always been curious but I don't get it and it seems complicated with syns etc

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Sun 01-Sep-19 14:35:34

Ello I like it. I've been doing it for two years now and lost four stone (most of that on the first year). I don't like some of the terminology (syns, body magic etc) but it's given me a sensible framework of lean meats, lots of fruit and veg and measured amounts of dairy, fat and sweet stuff. Although they are known for unlimited carbs, if you follow the plan properly it's not like that. A third of your plate should be veg which you put on first and then carbs and protein.

I've met a lovely group of friends there who have kids of a similar age and who I socialise with which is lovely.

I'd say give it a go, you don't have to keep going to the meetings if you do t like it but they explain it all well on your first meeting and there is stuff online to refer too if you don't go to meetings any more. I think it can depend on the leader, mine is good and has lost a lot of weight but not much over the last 18 months which is not great I guess but we are all human and the struggle is real!

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poorpaws Sun 01-Sep-19 18:35:49

Liking the thread title Red, thank you for the new thread.

Ello my plan is to never eat again. Once I start eating i can’t stop. I just need to moderate and behave myself.

At the end of September I WILL be declaring a good loss, I WILL.

I’ve been more golden than I thought I could be today, I’ve just got to get through this evening, another early night I should think.

Im beginning to dislike skinny people 🐷

leesmum Mon 02-Sep-19 08:58:35

Good morning Ladies smile
Well August was a complete waste of time I didn't lose anything in fact I put more on!!
Absolutely don't like the feeling of tight clothes so got to make September my good month grin

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Mon 02-Sep-19 14:48:29

It is very hard over the summer. 4 months shock until Xmas is a long enough time to make a real difference though.

Once again, I am determined to get to target!

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CatherineLife1 Mon 02-Sep-19 15:44:39

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Mon 02-Sep-19 20:38:48

I had Quim's chicken soup for dinner (it was delicious) and now I've come to bed so I don't eat anything else!

How has everyone else got on?

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leesmum Mon 02-Sep-19 20:47:22

I had a small bowl of allbran for breakfast
Large fruit salad for lunch
Smoked mackerel and large salad for tea

Im starving so have also got in bed with a cup of tea
Today has been good smile

poorpaws Mon 02-Sep-19 21:34:19

I’m another one going to bed soon so I don't eat.

Last evening I cleaned my kitchen floor so I wouldn’t eat and tonight I’ve cleaned my wardrobe for the same reason. The amount of clothes I have that are too small is shameful. I was supposed to have a giant cull of everything and ended up throwing away one pair of sandals, that’s it, just one bloody pair 🙄

leesmum sadly I cant join your fitbit challenges because I lost yet another fitbit a couple of weeks ago. I’ve only had it since Christmas so I don’t feel I can justify buying another one yet. I’ve got a strong feeling this time I’ve lost it at home, in the house or garden and I look for it most days without even realise I’m doing it.

Hope everyone is having a good first week this month.

leesmum Tue 03-Sep-19 07:21:54

Aww Paws that's a shame, it'll probably turn up when you least expect it xx
Cleaning is definitely a good way to stop yourself eating and you can see the results straight away grin

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Tue 03-Sep-19 10:27:47

I should have gone to bed to stop me eating. I had a very virtuous day but then had two bowls of crunchy nut cornflakes before bed blush

Will try harder tonight.

Peridot1 Tue 03-Sep-19 10:36:56

Hello you lot!

I have been so so so so bad. Have put back on all the weight I lost last year. Plus a bit. Have been for one walk this year I think. Possibly two. I keep charging my Fitbit but not putting it on.

And I am going to New York on Thursday until Wednesday so realistically won’t start diet until after although I will walk a lot in NY.

But when I get back that is it! I am back on it. Will have two months till I go to Australia so need to get my head down and shift what I’ve put back on.

Nice to spot this thread pop up in Active. It is a sign!

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Tue 03-Sep-19 13:00:12

I think I might have to go back to writing down everything I eat. It feels like the only way I can get the mindless snacking under control.

Meals are all good and SlimmingWorld friendly and over the last month I've seriously upped my exercise and I'm doing a 4-6k run or exercise class equivalent 5 days a week and I can't fit in any more than that!

It's just so fucking hard sometimes! Argh!

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QuimReaper Tue 03-Sep-19 13:45:09

Thanks for the new thread Red! Oreos are my downfall too, they're one of the only sweet things I can really go to town on. I absolutely think 3lb up in a month with a week's holiday is a win. In fact, I think ending either December or August less than 5lbs heavier is a win grin I quite often take the early-night strategy to distract myself from hunger too. I've also trained myself to see rooibos or chamomile tea as me "closing my belly" like we talk about "closing the kitchen", so that can work too. I'm inexpressibly pleased you're enjoying my chicken soup too! Did I give you the tip about adding a dash of white wine vinegar at the end?

On which note Kick as above, I think that's just dandy. Just realised I get to celebrate a loss too - 1.5kg down from the first Friday to the last, and 1.8kg at the lowest! That doesn't happen often.

paws sucky about your FitBit, that's rubbish! As you say, you can usually gauge if you've lost it out and about based on how frequently you check it. Is yours one of the models which could slip off easily? You're DEFINITELY going to be celebrating a loss at the end of Sept. I can feel it in me waters.

lees nice to see you around here again smile Well done on the excellent eating, I'm sure a bit of summer holiday indulgence will be gone in no time!

QuimReaper Tue 03-Sep-19 13:52:35

Red your food and exercise is all superb, I'm sure it'll all shake down once you're back in a routine. The snacking thing is such a hard habit to break, but it really is just that - a bad habit - and once it's broken you'll be surprised how little you think about it. Well, the voice in your head reminding you about the biscuits in the cupboard will still be there, but much less frequent and insistent the more you ignore it!

It might not be for you, and forgive me if I'm repeating myself, but intermittent fasting has been the single best habit-breaking hack for me. When there are absolutely hard and fast rules you just don't really bother negotiating with yourself, and it helps give your self-denial muscle a bit of workout.

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Tue 03-Sep-19 21:31:22

quim the soup was delicious and the white wine vinegar and double cream made all the difference! I had some rice noodles from Aldi's aisle of wonder so we had though with it.

I might try intermittent fasting, thank you for the tip. I don't normally eat breakfast anyway and pre DC I did pretty well on 5:2 so I recon I could do an 8pm to 12pm fast, would that sound long enough?

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poorpaws Tue 03-Sep-19 21:43:53

Peridot hi, it is absolutely a sign that you have found us again, enjoy New York and come back to us.

Red I definitely do better when I write everything down, especially if I have a new book (I just love a new book, Im like a child).

Quim it was a Fitbit One which is the small clip on one but I found them very accurate. I’ve now lost two of the bloody things but I was working in the garden when I think I lost it so it could be anywhere. I’m really upset about it as it’s the second one I’ve lost and I might have to invest in a watch type but I much prefer the clip ones if only they would stay bloody clipped.

I’m off to bed early again tonight. I’ve done a ton of ironing and I’ve sorted out my bedside table including my knicker drawer (just so I don’t snack). I have always wondered exactly how many pairs I own and it turns out it’s 76 pairs not including the ones I have on and any that are in the wash. I’m just as bad with socks as well, I don’t know anyone who owns as many pairs of socks as me, I think I’m a hoarder! I haven’t had time to eat much tonight though, no snacking so I’m going to be slim very very soon 😀😉

[i am sure everyone is delighted with my knicker news, I really should get a life and shut up].

lastqueenofscotland Tue 03-Sep-19 22:56:15

Checking in and probably disappearing again as I have for two yearsgrin
Have we seen hairspray recently? Must be the wedding soon?

QuimReaper Wed 04-Sep-19 11:32:04

Peridot and queenie welcome back! So nice to see some old faces round here - this reminds me of how everyone popped up on the January thread - August really is the new December isn't it grin

Peridot You'll have a wonderful time in NY, I'm envious! Glad you're not planning on attempting any dieting out there, it's completely impossible and the food is too good to miss! I think loads of people have had a shitty August and is determined to go for an Autumn push, so you'll be in good company.

queenie I haven't seen Hairspray round here in ages, I keep expecting her to pop up in a panic wanting to lose half a stone before the big day! I think I remember the wedding is in December so maybe she still will grin

I absolutely smashed the steps yesterday quite unexpectedly, and already have 11K today so hoping for another good day. Also at the last minute switched my dinner plans from a rather indulgent slow cooker chicken chilli (made even more indulgent because I cannot be trusted around grated cheese) to salmon and veg instead, so I'm feeling very Golden halo

QuimReaper Wed 04-Sep-19 11:39:36

Red 8-12 is a perfect window, I think it's the most manageable way to do it and if you're strict with yourself, it should be a good way to knock any evening snacking on the head! I was thinking more about 5:2ing when I suggested it; you really can't graze if you have a very limited calorie allowance, and I've found it helpful in the sense that every time you want something and don't have it, it seems to flex your "self-denial" muscle, and it becomes easier and easier over time to not give in to random Twix cravings. I'd say my random "God I really fancy a..." feelings are really just faint background noise at this point, I still think about them but the thought just kind of drifts through my brain and evaporates again, whereas at one stage once I got something into my head it was an obsession, and then a ferocious battle with myself not to indulge that whim (which I usually lost).

5:2ing might interfere with your exercise regime though, which of course you don't want; I think limiting your calories to an eating window will work very well, especially if you're mindful of not squeezing in one last snack before it's over wink I find Jason Fung's ideas about us spiking our insulin the whole time very convincing in accounting for why we're so much fatter than we used to be, and a long fasting window is a good way to combat that.

suchsweetsorrow82 Wed 04-Sep-19 19:59:33

Hello you lovely lot!

Not a good start to September as cheeky little break away to France! Although recorded 27k steps on Monday grin

Back to reality with a bang today as sat down at a conference all day. Forgot my lunch and the options were less than healthy! Light salad for dinner and heading to bed soon so I don’t eat anything!

Starting September 9st 12lb so really pushing for 7lb this month as will take me so close to my goal weight of 9st.

Good luck everyone star

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