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Not losing weight

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Gottoloveabagel Sun 01-Sep-19 06:53:55

This is all a bit new for me as previously I've been able to eat what I want and if I've put a few pounds on by cutting back I'm quick to return to what I usually weigh.

I've just joined the lose 7lb thread. As I said on there I'm 10 stone. Ideally I'd like to lose a stone and get back to 9 but if I can get to 9 stone 7 I'll be thrilled.

This summer after being away I cut right back, have not eaten chocolate for 2 weeks now and haven't eaten biscuits either. Where I usually snack in the evening I've had nothing but instead of losing weight I've gone from 9:13 to 10! I just don't get it!!!

Do I need to be more strict, I had also thought I'd reduced my portion size but I'm wondering if I'm deluded!

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WhoAteMyNuts Sun 01-Sep-19 07:01:59

My thoughts are you have probably cut back enough to not put any weight on which is good.

I have been eating mindfully but it's taken me 9 months to lose 10kg as it's been painfully slow but that's ok as I am not following any major diet but simply making better choices.

Honestly it sounds like you are making better choices but expecting the massive changes you get when you restrict yourself or do big diet changes. I equate it to the thinking that my weight didn't go on overnight so it will take just as long again to lose it.

Gottoloveabagel Sun 01-Sep-19 08:37:11

I think it's just so different to what usually happens! I can normally get rid of 4/5lbs in a week just be cutting back.

I'm going to continue with the right choices and up exercise. I'm also only going to weigh myself once a week rather than lots like I've been doing. I'm back at work tomorrow (teacher) so that will probably help as I will consider what I take for lunch and be on my feet all day!

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Gottoloveabagel Sun 01-Sep-19 08:38:19

I'm also thinking of doing 5:2 and seeing if that works for me!

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Gottoloveabagel Sun 01-Sep-19 08:42:22

Sorry me again, one positive is although I've not lost weight I'm definitely not as bloated!

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Allicee Sun 01-Sep-19 15:31:45

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managedmis Sun 01-Sep-19 17:31:11

Please list here exactly what you are eating and we'll help

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