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Beating the office biscuit jar!

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smallgreyelephant Sun 01-Sep-19 06:14:09

<asking for DH>. <He's asked me to post this here! >
DH works in a small office within a complex of other small offices all served by a coffee area with a very tempting, always plentiful biscuit jar. DH is overweight and wants to lose weight, he is not feeling good about himself and his clothes are not fitting.
He works in intense and mentally exhausting microengineering and being tired doesn't help.
Anyone got any ideas for helping him avoid the biscuits when he's tired and just needs a break/ wants a coffee?
The coffee area is shared between so many places so he can't just ask his boss to hide it better etc.
All help much appreciated.

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AwkwardSquad Sun 01-Sep-19 06:30:23

It’s really hard, especially when you’re tired - I sympathise! Three suggestions, but no easy answers I’m afraid.
1 - who is responsible for filling the biscuit jar? Is it supplied by work or contributions from colleagues? If the former, ask for healthier options to be included, if the latter, bring in healthier options himself to add to the stash. Eg lower cal biscuits, rice cakes and so on. Not ideal but better.
2 - bring in his own healthier stash so he’s got stuff to nibble on so that the biscuit jar is less of a draw - fruit, small amounts of nuts, oatcakes, Nakd bars
3 - suggest he has plenty of protein in his lunch and reduce refined carbs to reduce sugar crashes
4 - stay hydrated
5 - practice developing willpower. Hard but essential.

AwkwardSquad Sun 01-Sep-19 06:32:04

Five suggestions in fact! I thought of a couple more as I was typing grin

I’ve had an office-based job for more than twenty years and recognise the struggle. My base has frequent cake sales too. Nightmare.

smallgreyelephant Sun 01-Sep-19 08:28:28

HI AwkwardSquad and thanks for the suggestions.
It's insanely difficult to conjure up will-power in these situations, when work is hugely demanding and all energy goes to thinking about the work. And the social pressure to be appreciative and donate generously in the face of a cake sale!
I like the ideas to stay hydrated and to have protein (to avoid insulin swings). Anything to get biology on his side is good.
I'm afraid the biscuit jar is filled by the company that runs the multiple office spaces. I do wonder how many people would object to having a fruit bowl instead? Maybe some people see the biscuits as a perk. The person who fills the biscuit jar and maintains the coffee area doesn't stay in the area (so doesn't have to try to avoid temptation.
I know some people can walk past a biscuit jar with a mug of coffee when they are addled and mentally tired but I'm not one of them!confused.

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ChocOrCheese Mon 02-Sep-19 17:26:04

Could he confide in a colleague and ask them if they'd make him a coffee and bring it to his desk when they make one for themself?

RhymesWithOrange Mon 02-Sep-19 17:37:10

Would he try hypnotherapy? Worked for me, a few personal sessions and then topped up with Paul McKenna app/book.

littlewoollypervert Mon 02-Sep-19 17:43:35

Chewing gum or mints? I find I'm less tempted to eat rubbish if my mouth feels clean. So he could eat a mint/chew gum when leaving his desk to get coffee, and hopefully go back to his desk with the coffee but biscuit-less.

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