Improving sleep to boost weightloss

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thenewaveragebear1983 Fri 30-Aug-19 13:22:34

I have been a long term low carb dieter (blood sugar diet and tre) and I exercise a fair bit, but I'm a rubbish sleeper. I have heard various snippets of information recently which have confirmed to me my suspicions that a poor quality sleep can affect insulin and therefore food consumption and weightloss. So I have decided that in September I will be focussing in improving my sleep hygiene and working towards getting more sleep.

I currently get around 6.5 hours a night, and not much of it is Deep sleep. I have improved since cutting out dairy, but I am aware that an extra hour could improve my overall well-being quite dramatically. I am training for a race so I also aware of the need for sleep to repair and recover.

I'm just posting here for daily tracking and accountability really, but if anyone would like to join me for 'sleeptember' please feel free grin

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