Best way to drop inches quickly

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Megsmcgoo Mon 26-Aug-19 18:26:30

I’m about to be a be a bridesmaid in 6 weeks and my dress doesn’t quite do up - PANIC. It’s not a million miles away but I would quite like to be able to breathe on the wedding day.

What are your fail safe tips for shedding the inches as quickly as possible? Cardio/weights? Low carb?

Any comments saying you should have started sooner will not be appreciated grin

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DerbyshireGirly Mon 26-Aug-19 18:30:42

Keto (extreme low carb) but you need to be very strict. You could lose a good stone in that time, up to half of that will be water weight but it does work very quickly. It's just hard to sustain long term.

Milliy Tue 27-Aug-19 00:43:21

Be kind to yourself and have the dress let out.

Megsmcgoo Tue 27-Aug-19 20:33:11

I did check and I don’t think it can be let out really, not enough spare fabric really!

Keto it is... and perhaps a corset. I’m started tomorrow and cracking on with weights and cardio. I’ve taken my measurements and will report back for those interested!

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ArseholesOnToast Wed 28-Aug-19 01:56:30

Another vote for keto...the carby bloat will go. Keto and Gillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.

Siameasy Wed 28-Aug-19 14:32:35

Was gonna day keto-DH lost a stone in a month on it
You do have to be strict tho.
Exercise is over rated for weight loss and can in fact cause water retention and increased appetite

Megsmcgoo Wed 28-Aug-19 20:08:22

Thanks all! Had the first day of Keto today and so far so good. Need to get some supplies in, especially the bacon grin

I would still like to exercise but I remember being very fatigued last time so will see how it goes.

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DerbyshireGirly Fri 30-Aug-19 09:04:42

Remember to increase your salt if you get tired and headachey (I'm sure you already know this if you've done keto before). Chicken broth or stock is good.

Megsmcgoo Fri 30-Aug-19 13:16:34

Thanks DerbyshireGirly, noted.

I’ve got an exciting food shop arrived tomorrow with ribs and pork belly and going to make a buffalo chicken casserole from ruled me which was also a favourite recipe of mine - Jalapenos, cream cheese and chicken thighs.

I did jump on the scales this morning and I think I am retaining water from the exercise, I do weighted circuits that are quite intense but I think it’ll change my shape quicker then just diet alone

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Megsmcgoo Sat 31-Aug-19 13:37:08

So I must have had some sort of whoosh... since Wednesday I’ve lost 5lbs and 5 inches from my bust, waist and hips!

Absolutely delighted and this is only since Wednesday grin the wedding is 5 weeks today so Saturdays are my weigh in

To celebrate I went for a run smile

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Rory786 Mon 02-Sep-19 22:37:58

Well done Op thats fantastic!

TheHeathenOfSuburbia Mon 02-Sep-19 23:01:43

Wow, that's impressive!
Does the dress do up now? Or are you still lacking breathing space?

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