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I'm going on holiday in 7 weeks. And I'm STILL 3 stone overweight. Please come and boot the ever-expanding arse of The Tubby Walrus

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IntergalacticWalrus Sun 05-Aug-07 20:49:39

How much weight can I lose in 7 weeks? I've been doing Slimming World since Jan 2006, and I've lost 2 stone (I was pregnant for 9 of those months) which is great, but as I have all the will power of Keef Richards in a drugs cabinet, I haven't lost this 3 stone which is sticking to me like nobody's business

It doesn't help that I drank 10 pints of Stella last night, I suppose

Anyway, I am off to a wedding on Sunday and I have a night out planned on QWednesday to the local (I'm not going to get hammered because it's a school night) but apart from that, I have a quuiet few weeks

So I need someone to kick my backside because I'm, crap at losing weight. I find it dreadfully tediuos

sputnik Mon 06-Aug-07 14:32:42

I have the same holiday deadline as you, I've got 10kg of pregnancy weight to lose (eventually, don't think I'll shift it in 7 weeks). Fancy a race?

I've already lost 2kgs just through exercising. I always found exercising the only way I really lost weight, it boosts your metabolism and helps motivate you not to overeat afterwards. plus you feel better. If you're having a quiet few weeks why not go on an exercise binge? I've started to see results after 1 hour a day for 10 days. Can give you some tips if you like.

FioFio Mon 06-Aug-07 14:35:03

Message withdrawn

harleyd Mon 06-Aug-07 14:48:33

lol @ 10 pints of stella.

PestoMonster Mon 06-Aug-07 15:05:54

Right, have cereal & skimmed milk for breakfast.
Black coffees/green teas throughout the day to boost metabolism.
Fruit for lunch.
'sensible' evening meal

No alcohol
No butter

This works!

GoingThroughChanges Mon 06-Aug-07 15:14:35

Fruit chopped up for brekkie with a muller light over it.

Pasta for lunch.

Potatoes, veg & meat for din.

No snacks.

I lost 3 stone after I had dd using this.

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 06-Aug-07 15:43:30

But I like boozre and chocolate and crispa and cake and all that

Maybe if I eat nothing but chocolate for 7 weeks, I might lose weight ???

PestoMonster Mon 06-Aug-07 15:48:06


GoingThroughChanges Mon 06-Aug-07 15:49:22

Nope... sorry

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 06-Aug-07 16:00:02

I'm going to stick to my Slimming World I think. I know that works, I just need to magic a boit of will power from somewhere

Piggy Mon 06-Aug-07 16:09:10

Check out A pint of stella has 221 calories in it.

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 06-Aug-07 16:15:27

Feck, that's shocking man.

So I had 2210 calories in booze alone on Saturday

I'm disgusted

Piggy Mon 06-Aug-07 16:16:25

Here, have a gin and slimline tonic to make you feel better.

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