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Experience of VLCDs?

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bonsai66 Mon 19-Aug-19 11:33:49

I've been there, done it will all the diets out there since the Scarsdale when I was 15 and now I'm 53! I really can't be bother with points, calorie counting etc and low carb is just too hard to sustain long term and also just eating healthy, cooking from scratch etc does not work for me. Thinking of doing the Exante diet as it seems good value for money compared to others.

Just wondering what peoples experience of VLCDs is? Did you put a lot of weight back on again after you stopped? Did you get saggy skin losing the weight so quickly? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I have 2-3 stone to lose. TIA.

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IWantToBeNynaeve Wed 21-Aug-19 23:23:34

I did Exante last year and lost 16kgs on it over the summer. Not only did I keep it off but I went on to lose another 10 kg since . You'll hear loads of nay sayers telling you that you'll definitely put the weight back on, and yes if you go back to eating as before then you certainly will, but if you are mindful and count your calories etc then it's more than possible to keep it off. I used exante to kick start my weight loss, as soon as I finished the vlcd I immediately started watching my calorie intake and didn't give myself the chance to go back to my old ways. The vlcd actually really helps with that because you're not hungry anyway so you'll find it easier to do. Vlcd isn't easy, you need to be disciplined and committed but they really do work. Hth!

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