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Please help me lose weight!

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CameraTime Sun 18-Aug-19 22:39:43

I'm 40, 2 kids (age 5 & nearly 3), size 12, and I have such a big tummy that several people have recently asked me whether I'm pregnant (I'm not). I've always been fairly skinny (size 10), but any weight I put on tends to go into my lower tummy, and since having my youngest child I just haven't shifted the weight.

I've had to buy a whole new wardrobe, and just feel ugh. I'm on medication - sertraline for depression, propranolol for anxiety, and the mini pill, cerazette. I'm not sure whether any of these are contributing.

I know what I need to do, of course, but I just can't find the motivation.

1) I eat way too much crap. Today (a fairly typical day) I had cereal for breakfast, a cheese sandwich for lunch, roast dinner, but in between had a Dairy Milk, a bowl of ice cream, and several handfuls of crisps.

2) I don't get much exercise. I try to walk everywhere if I can, but I just don't have much reason to go out generally - eg I'll drop DS to school (by car), then walk to toddler group, walk around there a bit, then walk home. After that I'm usually busy while DD naps, and then it's time to pick up DS (by car again). There just isn't time to do proper exercise.

I'd love to shift the tummy fat - not too bothered about my actual weight, it's just the flab that's bothering me. I've never had any trouble losing weight, so I've never dieted, and don't know where to start. Should I be focusing on cutting out snacks by eating bigger meals (I've always been more of a snacked than a big mealtime person)? Or accept that I'm going to smack, and go for healthier things? Or focus on doing more exercise?

I know it's probably really obvious what I need to do, but I just feel a bit overwhelmed and need it broken down into achievable goals!

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MsScribbles Mon 19-Aug-19 09:12:08

Hello- well it sounds like you aren't overweight, so it shouldn't take too much to help you feel better about yourself.

Reading your post I'd say regular exercise would help you a lot, both in terms of toning up tummy (and elsewhere) and boosting your mood. It is hard to fit it in with young kids, but the way I saw it was, if I had time to watch TV, or scroll on my phone, then I had time to exercise at home. No excuses. Even 20 minutes 3-4/week makes a difference, and the more you do it, the more you want to do it. I do it with the kids seething around sometimes, or after they are in bed.

Joe Wicks videos have been amazing for me, as well as Bodyfit by Amy (both on Youtube). I bought a 6kg kettlebell- both Joe and Amy do kettlebell workouts and it's been great for building strength and tone.

As for eating, I've just done the traditional diety things- reducing portions, restricting (but not cutting out) carbs etc. Avocados and eggs have been my friends. For lunch I'll have a big and delicious salad with avocado, and no carbs (but enough veg- which do contain carbs- to fill me up). For dinner I eat normal food but less of it!
And I have learned to say no to crisps, biscuits, cakes. It's hard to do but for me it had to be done. For snacks I have fruit.

For info I was probably in a similar position to you. I've gone from 11st 5lb and a size 12/14 to 10st 8lb and 10/12, over about 4 months. Not a world-shattering or rapid loss but I feel much fitter and more positive.

csam Mon 19-Aug-19 09:17:43

Hi, i echo the previous poster.
I'm also 40 and started the keto diet in January. I've gone from 10st 10 to 9 stone with no exercise!

Whilst not easy to begin with,if you can cut carbs and sugar from your diet...,you can have meat, eggs and nuts to snack and you
Won't feel hungry once you get going.

My post baby tummy has gone and I feel so much more confident. My other half had lost over 4 stone!

Chloesmumtoo Mon 19-Aug-19 09:42:33

If you can just cut out the snacks it will help. I have cut out choc, sweets and alcohol but left everything else the same. It's been 8weeks and I have dropped a size on my belt already. Finding it pretty easy now. At first I bought fruit to eat if I felt hungry but don't tend to need it. Also bought some multi vitamins a-z. I did start trying to walk a little as very unfit these days which didn't take off but will try waking again soon. I am pretty sure I remember something about the pill causing weight increase and they did always weigh me when on it. I came off that a year or so ago now but my weight gain didnt improve. I'm bigger than you and a little older. We generally have quite large portions of food at meal times but happily leaving that and focusing on avoiding the inbetween snacks. I've not dieted before either but quite happy with this method so far. I don't weigh, I don't have a scales but can definitely feel improvement around my middle. Good luck

CameraTime Mon 19-Aug-19 19:44:59

Thank you. Reading the responses I find myself going "oh yes" every time someone suggests exercise, and "oh no" when cutting down on food is mentioned!

I hadn't thought of YouTube videos, but that's a great idea. I could do them when DD is napping. I'll look up the ones suggested. Thanks!

Any more advice gratefully received!

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Siameasy Wed 21-Aug-19 09:54:42

Try the low carb bootcamps here.
Weight loss is 80% diet so focus on that.
You sound like an Apple shape. That’s me. Low carb is great for those who put on weight round the stomach. Mine was hideous-I wasn’t that big, just my stomach. Started at 11.8 now 9.5 and waist sub-30.
Your medication will make it worse tho. Propanolol is a beta blocker so it stops you having adrenaline, can make exercise harder and just seem to slow things down and ADs are well known for causing weight gain. Have you a long term plan for these meds, to reduce and eventually stop?

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