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The one where we get into our old jeans

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Seer Sat 17-Aug-19 17:55:46

Hello @TantricTwist and @DottieLottie1 ☺️

We're close to 1k on our old thread and I thought I'd start this one whilst I remember and the other one is still open so I can point you to it!

We can finish the other one first if it'll make anyone itch leaving it unfinished 😀

Here's to getting to our goal weight/sizes during this thread! 🥂 (The next one we'll be maintaining!)

DottieLottie1 Tue 19-Nov-19 08:09:01


@MyGhastIsFlabbered it's such a shame that booze is so calorific. It was definitely the main cause of my weight gain. What's your tipple of fancy? As you can tell I'm a Prosecco girl but I also love crabbies, disaranno and baileys. To be fair I've always drink baileys on special occasions only due to it being full cream! I've tried to like a slimline gin but no, not for me.

Reading that makes it look like I had a drink problem! I've only ever drunk 2 or 3 times a week but add up the calories and its huge, no wonder I gained. I've cut back to Prosecco only 😉

Nothing particularly interesting planned. Once DC are off to school I'm going to wrap up warm and take the fog out for a long one. Its turned really cold here but bear in mind I'm in the SE so I appreciate its probably colder elsewhere. I've then got to hoover out the car as DS and teammates keep leaving mud behind! This afternoon I'm going to tackle my wardrobe. See what now fits and still looks acceptable for 2019 or bin things that are either too big or in a time warp. It's not a good idea to keep my big clothes is it? (well size 10s stretched to around a 16) , they need to go too dont they? Other than that it's my normal sports training chauffeur service for both my DC this evening. Work tomorrow.

B- The new hazelnut milk chocolate drink I bought yesterday warmed through. 😋
L- fast
D- roast chicken in pitta with salad, olives and beetroot
S- raspberries

That's just over 800 calories so I'll add in something else at some point.

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone 😊

DottieLottie1 Tue 19-Nov-19 08:15:43

Hmmm taking the fog out for a long one sounds a bit creepy...

Obviously I meant the 🐕

Seer Tue 19-Nov-19 09:44:44

Morning! ☺️

Yes I was in Waitrose just after you posted @DottieLottie1. I'm fairly reliable to be in there around 8.45am most mornings 😀

You've done so well to lose weight despite the challenges @Threadbaretoe Wishing you much smoother times ahead. Lovely to hear from you btw!

Great work @MyGhastIsFlabbered! What's the main difference in how you eat with SW to normally?

So I'm back down to my lowest weight this year (157lb) which I class as a big win even tho it's not a true loss as it's the second time in the last month that I've been this weight.

I find this is how weight loss happens for me - the scales show a 'freak' lb down, then go back to 1 - 2lb above it for a few weeks, and then finally that freak lb gradually becomes the new normal (still with fluctuation to the lb above 🙄), and then I see a new freak lb down... and it all starts again!

And given my lack of real exercise lately, due to this virus, I'm doubly pleased with myself!

Also, the 'important event' I had last night went exceptionally well despite still not being fully well. All in all, I'm a happy girl!

Longer day at work today (until 6pm), breaking only to have lunch and walk the dogs...

B: fast
L: miso, veg and dumplings
D: Thai veg curry, rice, garlic broccoli

@MrsGrindah @TantricTwist - hope you're both well ☺️

Seer Tue 19-Nov-19 09:45:41

An exciting stage to be sorting your wardrobe @DottieLottie1 ! Hope it goes well!

And yes, get rid of anything too big/stretched! You will never need them again.

DottieLottie1 Tue 19-Nov-19 09:57:31

Ok, I will throw or donate them then. I'm glad your evening event thingy went so well 🙌🏼

MyGhastIsFlabbered Tue 19-Nov-19 11:03:18

My poison(s) are Prosecco, dry white wine, cocktails, vodka and more recently gin. I sound like a raging alcoholic blush

I'm eating a lot more fruit and veg as snacks whereas before it was toast, crisps, nuts, biscuits, name it. It's terrible. This way I can lose weight without really impacting on my disordered eating...which I don't quite feel ready to address.

Seer Tue 19-Nov-19 12:26:44

That makes sense @MyGhastIsFlabbered , it's wise to know the level of change you're up for.

My alcohol of choice are either dry rose wine spritzers or pink champagne or Prosecco. I rarely drink anything else... I clearly have a thing about bubbly pink drinks!

MyGhastIsFlabbered Tue 19-Nov-19 18:53:06

I've been buying sugar free pop. I don't normally have it so it feels like a 'treat' and it's a bit less boring than squash or water. I'm quite partial to the pink grapefruit Fanta.

DottieLottie1 Wed 20-Nov-19 08:14:10

Morning everyone.

I managed 10.5 miles yesterday and apparently burnt 885 calories. I wont manage much today as I'm working- well I will but most goes unrecorded as I haven't got my phone on me due to the nature of my job. I can only achieve large distances on mon and Tuesday as they are the only days I have real time on my hands. I didnt however get round to sorting my wardrobe so I'll try and get that done next week instead.

Double shift today so I'll try and get a quick (and short 😂) walk in between them. Home around 8pm.

B- cuppa or two
L- fast
D- Jacket potato with pineapple cottage cheese and salad
S- raspberries

Weds also = Prosecco

Should finish on around 1100 calories for the day. Although I'm at goal now I'm looking to drop around 3 lb by christmas so I can enjoy it a little more guilt free. Big holiday only 6 weeks after Christmas so dont want to have undone my hard work!

What are your plans everyone? Enjoy your Wednesday. 😊

Seer Wed 20-Nov-19 09:24:11

Wow! That's a long way you walked @DottieLottie1 You must be looking and feeling so slim and fit now.

It's my day off today!!! I've got a lovely day of relaxation planned, I'll have lunch in town and then a facial. Aside from that I'll be mostly chilling and reading. I really need this break!

I'm also a couple of ounces down today, not much but I'm still thrilled, particularly as it's the third day at this lb therefore I suspect I'll get a drop into the next lb down any day soon.

I'm now 4lb below my original goal weight, which I find mind blowing, and have just 2lb to go until I'm at what I think will be my final goal weight.

I'm wearing a pair of v old jeans today, they're size 12 and on the loose side! I think I might even be a little bit slimmer now than I was 5 years ago.

I'm certainly happier with my body now than I can remember feeling, possibly ever! I keep admiring my naked form in the mirror 😀

B: v BLT (having breakfast as a day off treat!)
L: pasta and a glass of wine in town
D: will eat light, maybe miso, veg and dumplings

I'll aim for 1400 cals max.

Have a lovely day all! ☺️

Seer Wed 20-Nov-19 14:41:41

Just bought a new pair of size 12 high waisted jeans from New Look. Just a cheap pair to keep me going until the Holy Grail Levis! They looked really small but fit so well and feel comfortable.

DottieLottie1 Wed 20-Nov-19 20:38:15

@Seer Its good to hear your now so confident in your body! Unfortunately I dont think I'll ever think I look great naked 😂 I know I'm pretty slim (again)now and my clothes sizing prove it but for some reason I look in the mirror and see my bumps, bulges and flaws. I also know I'm being daft but cant shake it@

DottieLottie1 Wed 20-Nov-19 21:36:56

@Seer Its good to hear your now so confident in your body! Unfortunately I dont think I'll ever think I look great naked 😂 I know I'm pretty slim (again)now and my clothes sizing prove it but for some reason I look in the mirror and see my bumps, bulges and flaws. I also know I'm being daft but cant shake it!

DottieLottie1 Wed 20-Nov-19 21:37:52


DottieLottie1 Thu 21-Nov-19 14:39:11

Double shift again, currently in Satbucks with a big mug of coconut milk hot choc- 200 calories. Home around 9pm and I'm having a goats cheese omelette with copious amounts of salad. Weigh in tomorrow.

Anything interesting planned? Enjoy your Thursday everyone 😊

Seer Thu 21-Nov-19 19:30:53

Evening ☺️

It's felt like a long day today but haven't been up to much other than working then watching DS play football 🥶

B: fast
L: was usual miso, veg and dumplings but the bloody dog ate it when I was letting the cleaner in 🤬 so had to have a v BLT as it was the only thing I had time to make that I fancied
D: tomato pasta and garlic bread. Was meant to have v meatballs (but didn't have any) and broccoli (forgot) - what a day!

Can't wait for the weekend! Has felt like a tough week.

DottieLottie1 Fri 22-Nov-19 07:10:00


Just weighed and I've lost a further lb, I'm now down to 9.12, that 48lb so far. I hope to reach 9.10 in time for Christmas then I'll have a 4 lb cushion for mince pies, Christmas pud and baileys......

I'm still thinking through how I will go about maintaining. MFP says 2100 calories but I know I will gain weight on that as that's around what I consumed before my weight loss. I've fiddled with the settings and have come to 1900 by saying I'm inactive which is entirely untrue. I think my best bet is to add a few calories daily week by week a d monitor the scales. I am NOT putting the weight back on!

Off to work in a bit and back home late afternoon. Making homemade pizza for tonight dinner 😋 and the usual 🥂🍾.

How is everyone getting on? @TantricTwist we are definitely missing you!

Enjoy your Friday 😊

Seer Fri 22-Nov-19 07:48:27

That's amazing @DottieLottie1 you're like a machine!

It sounds like your maintenance plan is sound. As long as you're keeping an eye on your weight it's not like you're going to risk suddenly putting loads back on anyway.

I've still not lost another pound yet but I'm fine with a slow and steady loss given I'm happy with how I look and feel now anyway and how easy I find eating it this way. This is still my lowest average weight week so far so I know I'm on the right tracks.

I was pondering how I'll eat come maintenance and I think the main thing will be having more substantial lunches. Other than than I'm pretty happy with how I'm eating now as it feels healthy and sustainable and generally I enjoy it.

Usual plans today. Work and then I think meeting a friend and her DCs

B: fast
L: miso, dumplings, broccoli
D: Indian takeaway + wine

Suspect it'll be a 1500 cals one

Have a lovely day all ☺️

DottieLottie1 Fri 22-Nov-19 07:56:37

@Seer I think we should share ideas once it does come down to maintaining!

I've been tunnel visioned with this weight loss. It's strange as it took me ages to get I the right mindset and pull my head out of the sand. I can truly say I haven't fallen off the wagon but I think that's because I've still allowed myself various 'treats' throughout the week. I just need to be careful that it doesn't become an obsession! My target was 10 st and I'm now 9.12. My original weight before I gained was 9st 3, so I'd be happy to hover between 9 1/2 to 10 st.

Seer Fri 22-Nov-19 08:26:02

Yes deffo re maintaining! I'm not planning to go anywhere soon!

When you were eating more cals before you started dieting, what were you eating differently?

Oh and I'm back on the kettlebells today - first time in weeks as it was my TOTM and followed by the virus (which feels like it's finally pretty much gone). I suspect that makes a real difference to my weight loss or lack of!

DottieLottie1 Fri 22-Nov-19 09:28:02

Cheese! And a bit more alcohol, but it still would have been arou d 2000 calories per day. I didn't drink everyday bu the way, only 3 times a week but a bit too much. Its now obvious I put on weight easily but once my head is In the right place not so difficult to shift, although this has taken a whole to realise!

I keep umming and ahhing your kettlebells @Seer, I might try it at some point. I'll take a look in decathlon and give it a trial in there first 😂

Seer Sat 23-Nov-19 10:06:36

Morning! ☺️

@DottieLottie1 kettlebells are such a good all-round exercise and don't take long to do - I love them for their convenience and results!

If you can get some guidance getting the right weight and technique it's best as it's easy to get wrong! I started with an 8kg one (just because we happened to have one in the house) but it was way too light. I'm now using 16kg, which I believe is on the heavier side for a woman but I'm particularly strong/muscular (hence weighing heavier than average for my size!) Btw the amazon cast iron ones are great value.

I meant to come back to you re liking/not liking what you see when you look in the mirror... I think the main reason I'm feeling so happy with how I look has less to do with looking amazing (I'm sure i have as many lumps and bumps as most woman over 25 that have had children!) and more to do with all of the embodiment practices I've done (which is also connected with my work so can't say too much as it would be outing!)

If you're interested in exploring this yourself then Michaela Boehm's work (she has a book called The Wild Woman's Way and a free podcast) is a great place to start. If you like her stuff and want more along those lines, let me know as I can recommend lots of other people, books, podcasts etc in this area.

We've got family arriving today to stay for a while, which means dh and I have a baby sitter tonight!

Plans so far:

B: v cheese on toast I think
L: fast
D: I think we'll eat out - maybe Chinese

Will fit in a long dog walk this afternoon.

Have a lovely day ☺️

DottieLottie1 Sat 23-Nov-19 16:50:38

Thanks for the advice @Seer, I KNOW I'm being silly! As for the kettlebells, I can always ask a PT at work....

Just in from work so a double fast. Its blowout Saturday so takeaway and Prosecco, probably KFC. It should still only come in at 1600 calories.

Film night too 😊

DottieLottie1 Sun 24-Nov-19 15:35:39

What a grotty day! I was up early and took the dog out with DH and DD. Other than a quick supermarket raid I've done nothing. Will get the dinner on soon.

B- the last of the hazelnut milk chocolate warmed through to make a low cal hot chocolate.
L- fast
D- Roast chicken wraps with salad and dips.

Will be around 950 calories for the day.

Hope you are having a more productive Sunday than I am!

MyGhastIsFlabbered Sun 24-Nov-19 17:17:21

I'm feeling really proud of myself. We went up to London for a gig yesterday. Went out for dinner and I had a healthy main with a Diet Coke, no dessert. At the gig I stuck to Diet Coke again. Afterwards DP wanted to carry on drinking so bought a bottle of wine, I had one glass then stopped. Normally I'd have been drinking all evening.

At the moment I'm in the right mindset and every time I fancy something off plan I think 'will this taste as good as reaching my target weight will feel?' And at the moment the answer is always no.

I'm hoping to get my half stone award tomorrow 🤞🏻

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