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Seer Sat 17-Aug-19 17:55:46

Hello @TantricTwist and @DottieLottie1 ☺️

We're close to 1k on our old thread and I thought I'd start this one whilst I remember and the other one is still open so I can point you to it!

We can finish the other one first if it'll make anyone itch leaving it unfinished 😀

Here's to getting to our goal weight/sizes during this thread! 🥂 (The next one we'll be maintaining!)

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DottieLottie1 Wed 28-Aug-19 12:05:57

We're on our way home too. Have a safe trip @Seer

Probably jacket potatoes for dinner!

DottieLottie1 Wed 28-Aug-19 21:09:32

Good journey home, just under 4 hours with a fuel stop and another to let dog be watered. Much quicker than the journey down.

Skipped lunch but bought a protein shake at the services. Dinner was Jacket potato with chive and onion cottage cheese and lambs lettuce.

Just had a punnet of blueberries. Kitchen closed on a hardcore 748 calories. I'm honestly rather full.

Hope you had a good day at work @TantricTwist and hope you arrived home safely @Seer.

Seer Wed 28-Aug-19 23:42:06

Glad you're home safely @DottieLottie1 sounds like you've been much more prudent than me on your hols! I bet you'll see it on the scales soon.

Back home and happy to be so! Missed the dogs sooo much!

So... back into the usual food/exercise tomorrow and feeling weirdly happy about that 😀 Bit nervous about weighing tomorrow but best to know the damage and make amends quickly. My clothes feel fine but I suspect the scales may be less forgiving.

All ok with you @TantricTwist?

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Seer Thu 29-Aug-19 08:11:00

I'm up 5lb from my lowest weight but I'm not too upset as a) my waist hasn't increased b) we had an Indian takeaway last night and I'm always heavier the morning after those! c) I fluctuate so much anyway that it's not worth taking too much of one day's weight. We'll see what the next few days are like.

Anyway, back on the horse today...

I've got an 'emergency' client call this morning, mounds of laundry to get through and need to do a food shop so it won't be the most fun day in the world.

B: fasting
L: veg & dumplings in miso soup or will fast if I'm not too hungry
D: I think my family will want something v English like pie and mash, deffo no pasta!

Aiming for a 1k day.

What are your plans @DottieLottie1 @TantricTwist @Threadbaretoe ?

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DottieLottie1 Thu 29-Aug-19 08:30:25

I'm sure that 5lb will drop off quickly @Seer. Hopefully I'll reach my target weight by my holiday, I bloody well hope so! I'm tempted to see if I can drop a couple of lbs the couple of weeks before I go to minimise the damage. Oh gosh, I'm starting to sound obsessive 1) I'm not at goal yet 2) My holidays not til Spring hmmgrin

I'm wondering whether I should change my weigh in day to a Friday. Only as I weighed on last Friday as I knew I couldn't Monday gone. Also, because I eat more over a weekend.... Hmmm decisions. I couldn't weigh everyday at the moment, the fluctuations would get me down. I might once I'm at goal though.

Still on A/L so no work today. I'm going to get up in a minute (yes I'm having a cheeky lay inwink) have a cuppa and go for a long dog walk. Need to do a bit of shopping and might take DC to a trampoline park.

B- cuppa, Vanilla and almond milk shake
L- Berries
D- Baked potato with pineapple cottage cheese. (Enjoyed yesterday's so much I'm having it again but shaking it up with the pineapple grin)

Have a good day allsmile

Threadbaretoe Thu 29-Aug-19 08:45:34

Hi Seer, that sounds like a good plan.

I have a bit of a similar story. Yesterday I had a massive, delicious Neapolitan pizza. Weigh in today for me would be falsely high because that amount of carbs will cause water retention and (tmi) constipation. To counter this today I will be fasting for breakfast and lunch and dinner will be tasty but high fibre salads to re balance things.

Will get started on a 10,000 step walk with the dog soon.

I read something interesting about IF the other day that really resonated with me. It talked about how it improves the efficiency of your body using fat reserves for energy, as opposed to triggering desire for sweet foods to deliver energy. This makes sense to me because with IF I don't get hungry despite periods of fasting. The same is true when I did a keto diet, but the moment I ate carbs hunger/cravings were triggered and I spent the time longing for bread and pasta, which I don't tend to eat much of anyway! I love that with IF I don't have to eliminate any foods but I can still enjoy the benefits of being more in control of my eating without having to battle with cravings/obsessing about foods I am denying myself.

Seer Thu 29-Aug-19 09:37:11

Thank you @DottieLottie1 I hope so! 🙏

A Friday weigh in sounds wise! If I was weighing weekly I'd probably go for that too.

That makes so much sense @Threadbaretoe like you, I don't tend to get hungry whilst fasting until I've fasted around 18 hours. I'm also finding that I'm craving things much less than I used to since I've been fasting regularly. I've never had a terrible sweet tooth but I would almost always want some dark chocolate after a meal whereas now it doesn't cross my mind so often.

Just knocked out 100 kB swings (10 sets of 10) with my heaviest weight (12kg. Will buy a 16kg one this week) and didn't find it too hard - maybe all the walking on hols has kept me stronger than I thought!

I'm wondering if the flight might have dehydrated me and caused more water retention too - we'll see what the scales say over the next few days!

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TantricTwist Thu 29-Aug-19 13:00:49

I'm at work but glad to hear everyone's had a lovely break as did I albeit at home,

B- alpen
L - lettuce tomato spring onion cous cous. Followed by a small piece of delicious home made cake.
D - burger

Seer Thu 29-Aug-19 14:32:20

I'm being brave and fasting thru lunch too! Take that 5lb increase! 😀

My tummy was rumbling all morning really loudly which it never does normally. Shows how quickly it got used to be fed breakfast!

Will also keep my dinner small to help reset my body back to fasting and low cal days.

Can't wait to see the scales going in the right direction again! I loved feeling happy in my skin on hols! ☺️

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TantricTwist Thu 29-Aug-19 15:50:59

Yay @Seer to being happy in our own skin. This what I will be this time next year on holiday.

Seer Thu 29-Aug-19 17:05:37

You will @TantricTwist ☺️

I've managed 20 hours fasting so far! It will be even longer than intended as I need to run an errand before I can make dinner - possibly almost 24 hours!

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Seer Thu 29-Aug-19 20:33:40

Did a 23 hours fast and now closing the kitchen on 871 cals. Feels like a good start back!

How's your days been?

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DottieLottie1 Thu 29-Aug-19 20:48:56

That's good work @Seer , I find it difficult to get back into eating routine after holidays. I feel hungry for a few days and crave the wine blush.

Quite a bit of walking for me today and kitchen closed on 1100.

I think I will weigh in tomorrow and then weekly. X fingers ask think I've possibly plateaued.

Seer Thu 29-Aug-19 20:52:31

Thank you @DottieLottie1 Exactly! I thought I might have got into too much of a wine and bread habit to easily transition back to normal without a longer fast to shake things up!

I really hope you've lost some tomorrow 🙏

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Seer Fri 30-Aug-19 08:01:49


I'm so loving being back home! Got a client call this morning and then will do something with dh (who is still on leave) and the dcs this afternoon.

Just weighed myself and I'm back down to only a 1lb over my lowest pre-hols weight! That's some serious fluctuation!

Plan today:

B: fasting
L: either will fast or have low cal veg soup
D: takeaway and some wine

Will aim to keep below 1200 cals even tho it's a Friday/takeaway night as I'm determined to get myself back quickly to where I was before I went on hols so I can start losing weight again.

What are you up to today @DottieLottie1 @TantricTwist @Threadbaretoe ?

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DottieLottie1 Fri 30-Aug-19 08:41:38


Yes that's quite some fluctuation @Seer , but a good one 

I've just weighed in and it's a 1 lb loss for me. I should be happy with that as I definitely had more wine whilst I was away. However, I still ate well and walked loads so was hoping for a bit more. I don't know why but 1 lb doesn't sound much, but when you look up it's equivalent it's quite impressive!

Back to work.

B- Cuppa
L- Working over lunchtime so not possible
Friday = Prosecco

I've got the bbq down to a fine low cal art- a few chicken wings, medallion steak, chorizo, corn and salad.

How are you both @TantricTwist @Threadbaretoe ?

DottieLottie1 Fri 30-Aug-19 08:43:04

Forgot to mention that I definitely feel slimmer this week. I've noticed that my butt feels boneyards when I sit on a hard surface- unfortunately it doesn't look that small grin

DottieLottie1 Fri 30-Aug-19 08:44:24

Boney! Not boneyards 😱😂😂😂

DottieLottie1 Fri 30-Aug-19 08:46:06

Oh, and I've lost 30 lb in total in 16 weeks. 3 lbs Togo and I'm in the 10 stone bracket

Seer Fri 30-Aug-19 08:52:53

Congrats @DottieLottie1 it means your plateau is over!

I know it's not as much of a loss as you'd hoped but 1lb loss is still brilliant, especially when you're already slim (which you are, lady!)

I lose 1.2lb per week on average which I'm very happy with as the amount I'm eating is sustainable and enjoyable for me and means I'll inevitably get to my goal as long as I keep on keeping on.

As you always says... it's a marathon not a sprint ☺️

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Seer Fri 30-Aug-19 08:53:31

Woah to 30lb!

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Seer Fri 30-Aug-19 08:56:11

I think boneyards sounds better than bony btw @DottieLottie1 - it can be our new lingo grin

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Threadbaretoe Fri 30-Aug-19 09:10:38

That's an amazing loss Dotty!

We are about the same height but 11 stone is very much a stretch goal for me at I'll have to see as I go along whether it is reasonable. I do find the threads that talk about clothes size, height and weight interesting (eg people who are all the same height and much heavier people being smaller dress sizes).

Do you think that your loss may have slowed down as you are no longer overweight - not that our bodies know what society has decided this category issmile?

My loss has slowed quite a bit but I haven't reduced the amount I eat in line with the weight loss. My TDEE must be quite a lot less now I'm 3stone lighter. The next stone may take several months. The first took less than a month.

Have people started to notice your loss yet....yourself and your boney bum aside?

Seer Fri 30-Aug-19 09:51:22

I find it fascinating too, @Threadbaretoe

I'm deffo a 'heavy weigher' I'm shorter than you and Dottie at just under 5'7. Currently I weigh 163lb (11stone 9) and I'm now usually a 10 in tops and 12 in dresses/bottoms... whilst still in the overweight category!

My original goal weight was 11stone 7lb which was just a guesstimate based on roughly what weight would get me to feeling slim again.

Although I'm fairly happy with my body now I'm going to continue aiming to lose weight as I want to be back to my size 5 years ago. No idea of the weight but my waist was an inch smaller, I guess it'll be around 10st 11lb.

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MyGhastIsFlabbered Fri 30-Aug-19 10:07:25

Can I join in? All my clothes are uncomfortably tight right now and I struggle to get past my stomach bending over to do shoes up. I really struggle unless I've got accountability so I'm hoping this group might to do it. I've been to Slimming World in the past but I just can't afford even £4.95 a week to attend.

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