I really need help! Anyone with good advice?

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laurelle Sat 17-Aug-19 01:05:14


So I had my DD in April 2019 and she a perfect 4 month old now! However my body is disgusting!

I've put on weight and I'm now up to a disgusting 17st and I'm only 5.5ft.

My upper stomach is the same as my lower stomach so I look pregnant still!! I know my body is still trying to adjust to only having my baby 4 months ago but 17st is too much and I'm classed as obese.

Is there a way I can lose weight and stick to it?
I'm struggling with universal credit at the moment so money is not good, I can't afford the gym or anything to expensive like salad every day!! I buy what i can afford so chicken, pasta, ETC I do obviously by fruit and vegetables but I can never get a meal idea that is healthy and that I will enjoy.

Anyone got any good advice??

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ppeatfruit Sat 17-Aug-19 13:55:24

I would say firstly that it isn't healthy OR normal to be slim just after having a baby!!!! I would look at how , where, when you eat, If you google Paul Mackenna (I Can Make You Thin) I know I know a silly title, but his advice and ideas are brilliant for gentle weight loss. No Calorie counting or anything.

I lost 3stone with him and I'm maintaining.

laurelle Mon 19-Aug-19 22:34:19

@ppeatfruit hey thank you so much I'll have to look on YouTube and see what's recommended. Is it fairly cheap? Universal credit is awful and I can't afford slim fast or anything hence why I needed advice!!!

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ppeatfruit Tue 20-Aug-19 09:34:21

most manufactured Diet foods\drinks are completely unnecesary and not very healthy anyway ! I have never had any and still lost weight! DH has tried them and just put more weight on straight after going to back to normal eating.

Paul Mackenna suggests that we eat fresh, healthy food though. just mindfully!

I also do Food Combining which is not eating protein and carbs at the same meal. Oh and have fruit on an empty stomach, not as dessert. I make a smoothie for breakfast.

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