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Smart scales

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EdtheBear Fri 16-Aug-19 01:54:10

Are they worth it?
Do you aid motivation?
Which one?

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EdtheBear Fri 16-Aug-19 09:48:39

Bump anybody?

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ChocOrCheese Sun 18-Aug-19 17:32:57

What do you mean by smart scales? I have a Tanita body composition monitor scale. I am trying to lose fat and maintain muscle, so this helps me check I am keeping on track. I don't find it motivating, particularly, just a tool. That may be because it gives me a metabolic age and persists in telling me I am 10 years older than I actually am!

Mazig Sun 18-Aug-19 21:01:01

Just bought some - restarting a diet and hope it will motivate me. I like stats so I think it will help, plus seeing my body fat percentage is certainly an incentive. I've got the nokia/withings one.

pineapplepassion Sun 18-Aug-19 21:09:32

I've just got some cheap amazon smart scales they were about £20 as restarting diet and DH is watching what he eats too.
I'm very impressed they are digital, an app downloads to your phone via Bluetooth loads of info, fat percentage, BMI, weight, etc etc it's got the chance to become obsessively you are that way inclined as it shows up to a tenth of a pound, eg 12 stone 5.3 is motivating the app is good and you can give it a passlock so no one else can access it. It does a handy little graph too of your weight. My DH has been using them for two weeks, me just a few days. They aren't expensive I'd say give it a go!

pineapplepassion Sun 18-Aug-19 21:10:15

Ohh I've got VeSyncFit ones

EdtheBear Sun 18-Aug-19 21:54:32

By smart scales I was thinking about the ones that connect to an app. Like the ones that the other posters described.

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Oysterbabe Mon 19-Aug-19 20:53:32

I've got the Renpho ones and they're pretty good. They immediately Bluetooth 10 different ways in which I'm a fat bastard straight to my phone. They insult me in ways I wasn't previously aware of. I don't know what a metabolic age is but I know that mine is higher than my actual age and that can't be good right?

VeniVidiVoxi Fri 23-Aug-19 10:12:44

Interesting, I have the old school tanita ones that aren't smart but have attitude! Apparently my metabolic age is 5 years older than my actual age but 15 years beyond the age it thinks I am because I can't change the date. I'm not sure what this adds to my weight loss stats.

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