Has anyone lost a large amount of weight (around 100lbs) and NOT gotten wrinkly?

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HalfManHalfLabrador Thu 15-Aug-19 19:58:01

I have approx 100lbs to lose and the biggest thing I’m scared of is looking haggard and wrinkly afterwards. I plan to do it properly over time with healthy eating and exercise so nothing drastic. Everyone I’ve ever seen in real life whose lost this amount looks haggard and older with deep wrinkles especially around the eyes. Even very glamorous people whose figures look great now and they are very well dressed and styled look about 10 years older. Is it just my fat padding out my late 30’s (younger looking) face? blush I’m not even thinking about saggy boobs and loose skin just really the face

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FlatheadScrewdriver Thu 15-Aug-19 22:16:37

70lbs off so far and have not turned wrinkly (on face or elsewhere). Am over 40 smile
Did not do anything magical (no creams, no supplements). Changed diet (obviously!) to one with heaps of fruit/veg. After about 40lbs off, very very slowly started couch to 5k. Still running, still slow, has had a great impact on mental health, and on my legs!
I think I look a bit younger than pre weight loss - probably because I have much more energy!

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