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BigMoFos w/c 3 August

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WigWamBam Sat 04-Aug-07 14:56:38

New thread

JackieNo Sat 04-Aug-07 17:18:08

Brilliant - thanks WWB. Well done Kew (take that doughnut off your head - it'll make your hair all sticky).

So the 17th it is - fab. Oooh, I'm looking forward to it now <excited emoticon>.

Kewcumber Sat 04-Aug-07 19:46:22

What time - Ds will sleep from 1pm normally (so would plan to leave at 1.30 and let him sleep in the car on the way home) Is that too early, if we come say 11am? He will get horribly tired and screechy if I hang him out any later. Unless of course he decides to nap in the car in which case we can stay a bit later...

Kewcumber Sat 04-Aug-07 19:47:37

nap in the car on the way that is. I'll get him running around somewhere for an hour before hopefully he'll doze on the way...

Yummy doughnut, ta

JackieNo Sat 04-Aug-07 20:13:43

Well how about we say arrive at mine any time after 10.30 on the 17th? I'm assuming I'll provide some sort of lunch (I was thinking bread, cheese, nice ham, snacky bits, pudding of course). But if people could bring suitable stuff for those who can't/don't eat those sorts of things, that would be good.

Am I right in thinking it's currently:

Me (with DD, 7, and DS, 3)
WWB (with DD, 6)
Kewcumber (with DS, 1)

Any more? All welcome.

WigWamBam Sat 04-Aug-07 20:20:46

Sounds good to me. I can bring some other lunchy bits and pieces with me if you like (being the awkward veggie one!) - hummus and dippy things, maybe? Do you want us to bring bottles of something as well, or salads/puddingy type things?

Dd doesn't know she's coming yet, she'll be really excited to find out that your daughter will be there too

JackieNo Sat 04-Aug-07 20:23:33

Don't mind really - if you'd like to bring some salady/hummous type bits, that might be good.

Haven't told DD yet either - she'll be excited too.

JackieNo Sat 04-Aug-07 20:29:20

I'll email directions to WWB and Kewcumber, as I already have email addresses for them.

Littlemisssensible, could you please email me on jackieno at hotmail dot co dot uk, and I'll email them to you too.

WigWamBam Sat 04-Aug-07 20:33:05

As the only veggie on the planet who doesn't eat cheese, I usually end up taking my own food to gatherings just so the hosts don't have to scratch their heads wondering what to feed me with. Particularly as I know far too many people for whom a vegetarian meal means meat and three veg with the meat scraped off

I usually avoid meet-ups like the plague because when I've been to them before, I've found that even people I thought I knew suddenly look through me as if I'm invisible when they realise how big I am. It will be nice to be with people who won't bat an eyelid!

JackieNo Sat 04-Aug-07 20:38:54

Ooh - that's difficult, WWB - so peanut butter sandwiches? Erm, yes please, in that case - I'll try to make sure there's plenty of stuff you can eat, but just in case I fail miserably, please do bring some bits and pieces.

I know what you mean about meet-ups - this one's definitely less stressful isn't it.

JackieNo Sat 04-Aug-07 20:40:42

(sorry - by 'that's difficult' I mean, it's difficult for me to think what I'd put on bread except cheese - definitely lacking in imagination, I am - didn't mean it as any sort of criticism of you...)

WigWamBam Sat 04-Aug-07 20:43:04

I don't do cooked peanuts either ... <runs and hides>

I once went to a Christening where there was a gorgeous buffet laid on afterwards but nothing at all veggie - not even a piece of tomato. I ended up with a plate of crisps, and everyone staring at me as if I were mad. My friend (whose dd was being baptised) said "Oh, I thought you would have had the salmon"

Definitely less stressful. And given that the last two people I met up with were Tamba and Carlk, probably quite a lot less complicated too

JackieNo Sat 04-Aug-07 20:45:04

Right - I'll mkae sure there are plenty of crisps then. And vegetables.

Gosh, that must have been an interesting meet-up then <boggles>.

WigWamBam Sat 04-Aug-07 20:52:53

They were impeccably behaved at the time, it was only a couple of weeks later, when they started leaving naughty messages on their MSN, that the lightbulb pinged on.

Plenty of crisps ... yep, that'll do me. Just stick me in the corner with a couple of packs of Pringles and I'll be happy

JackieNo Sat 04-Aug-07 20:56:19

Breadsticks? <clutches at (cheese) straws> <realises that joke doesn't work, as WWB doesn't eat cheese>

WigWamBam Sat 04-Aug-07 20:57:57

Breadsticks - yep, fine.

Cooked cheese is OK though so clutching at cheese straws is allowed.

Honestly, it's much easier (and much less likely to give you a nervous breakdown) if I just bring what I like with me

JackieNo Sat 04-Aug-07 21:18:28

I think you're right.

Kewcumber Sat 04-Aug-07 22:20:09

I'll make a cous-cous salad (veggie) and bring some soft drinks.

JackieNo Sat 04-Aug-07 22:21:24

Fab - thank you.

Littlefish Sun 05-Aug-07 08:22:01

Hellooooooooo! <Littlefish jumps up and down with excitement at the idea of meeting up again>

You are all so lovely to think of me.

I will check my diary. I think there's one thing I have to move, but will do that on Monday and then get back to you.

I would love love love to see you all again.

I've been keeping away because of embarrassment. I said about 8 months ago that I was going to a wedding in France in August full of stylish London people and that I wanted to weigh less and be fitter for all the mountain walking and white water rafting . However, here we are, and I weigh the same . I'm now dreading the wedding and could really do with a dose of MoFo straight talking before I go. I will present my sizeable bottom for a round of a*se kicking!

JackieNo Sun 05-Aug-07 08:58:54

Yay, Littlefish. Lovely to see you here, and it would be brilliant if you could make it on the 17th. Don't think we're planning any rl arse-kicking, all will be niceness and ickle fluffy bunnies (well, mostly).

WigWamBam Sun 05-Aug-07 10:21:34

Ah Jackie, you didn't tell me I had to be all niceness and ickle fluffy bunnies [disappointed]

<waves madly to littlefish> You know you don't need to be embarrassed around here. And you mustn't be worried about the wedding either; they have invited you because they want you there, and they want you there regardless of what size knickers you're wearing at the time! Yes, of course it would have been nice to have been a bit fitter and all that jazz, but there's nothing you can do about that now - don't let it spoil things for you. Go, have a great time, don't obsess about your size or beat yourself up because you haven't done what you wanted ... then come back and present your arse for a kicking

JackieNo Sun 05-Aug-07 11:03:26

We'll make an exception for you, WWB.

WigWamBam Sun 05-Aug-07 12:01:44

Thank you!

<satisfied sigh>

Kewcumber Sun 05-Aug-07 14:07:37

yes littlefish - don't be embarrased in front of us, not because we are ickle fuffy bunnies who give a shit but becasue we are all far too busy bsessing about our own weight to give two hoots about anyone elses

OOOH excited, a lovely BigMoFo's meet up! Whatever it is Littelfish just cancel it - can;t be mre important than us surely

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