I need to do this

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CleverQuacks Tue 13-Aug-19 18:02:31

Since having my third son I have piled on the weight. I used to be a size 14 but I am now a size 20. I am also incredibly unfit, walking the dog and climbing the stairs makes me breathless.

I know I need to make changes for myself and for my kids. So today I start my healthy lifestyle. I have weighed myself and I am 101.3kg with a BMI of 38 blush

Any tips on how to make my weight loss sustainable? I have already committed to completely cutting out the Coca Cola cos I drink far to much (about three cans a day). I have stocked up on fruit and veg and I am going to try and go swimming regularly (the only exercise I enjoy).

I am going to use this thread to hold myself accountable! I need to do this.

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ADTB Tue 13-Aug-19 20:41:35

Good for you! grin

I too am on a mission to get rid of my baby weight as I want to feel like my old self again.

It's a good idea to do an exercise that you enjoy in order to sustain it as you will less likely get bored doing something you hate.

Do you like walking? I hated it before I had my baby but I sat down one afternoon and created a playlist on my phone of all my favourite songs and now I look forward to going for a walk with the push chair now I have my playlist. And I love that it makes it a challenge with the push chair.

Fill up on loads of fruit and veg. Get some of the frozen steam packs in your freezer and then if you really can't be bothered to cook then it will keep you on track as you can just check them in the microwave.

Do you like sparkling water? I used to be the same with fizzy drinks and would regularly get through 3/4 cans of coke in a day. Switched to sparkling water which seems to satisfy the craving. I didn't enjoy it much at first but soon got used to it and now I love it.

Post your weight on this thread every week as there's nothing more motivating than knowing you've got to share it with other people.

And start slow with your swimming. The first couple of times you go, just commit to doing 10 laps for example so you have a goal to work towards (maybe 50 lengths or something). Rather than making it too difficult to begin with as this might make you feel defeated.

Good luck and I will keep my eye on your thread! grin

ADTB Tue 13-Aug-19 20:42:45

10 Laos? What am I talking about? 10 lengths is what I meant - baby brain hmm

ADTB Mon 02-Sep-19 21:07:16

Any update on your weight loss journey? smile

Toastedstrudel Tue 03-Sep-19 21:42:16

You can do this!!
A can of Coke is 140 calories, that’s 420 a day you’ll be cutting out. That’s about 1 pound every 8 days and about 45 pounds in a year!

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