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BirdsInTheAttic Sun 11-Aug-19 21:36:08

Argh! I knew the weight was creeping up but have reached a critical point today of a) seeing myself in a grim changing room mirror mid-change, and b) subsequently weighing myself for the first time in about six months. shock

I am going on a beach holiday at the end of October, is that enough time to lose two stone? Or one stone?!

To complicate matters I’m recovering from a leg injury so pretty much immobile at the moment. So in the short term at least, all my efforts will need to come from food (or lack of, ha!)

I have a not-very healthy relationship with food, so if I can get the comfort eating under control that should help. Right now I am thinking of bulk ordering slim fast and just trying not to eat at all, thinking that might not be a very sensible idea...

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maxelly Mon 12-Aug-19 12:15:45

Well I think the guidelines for sensible/non crash dieting are that you can aim to lose up to about a pound a week, so losing a stone by the end of October seems do-able, 2 stone might be more challenging although if you do have a lot of weight to lose it sometimes seems to come off quicker... it's said that weight loss is about 80% diet so the lack of exercise shouldn't be too much of a problem although I do find being more active is massively helpful when on a diet, not because you can burn loads of calories (you generally can't unless dedicating a serious amount of time to the gym), but more from a mental point of view and 'feeling' better/stronger (plus finding a way of getting some satisfaction/happy hormone rush from something other than food!). But hopefully your injury is short term and so this shouldn't ultimately hold you back?

I think your not-healthy relationship with food could be more of an issue, you wouldn't want to make yourself miserable for months leading up to your holiday only to put it all back on. And only eating Slimfast for months sounds pretty crash-diet to me! Ideally you'd get to a place where you can eat a reasonable amount of reasonably healthy food without it being constantly intrusive but I know that's much easier said than done!- a diet 'plan' can help establish guidelines and a routing as well as lose weight if you find one that suits, but 'diets' can also make food issues worse, do you know what's behind your issues? What kinds of food do you like to eat and how does food fit with your lifestyle, ie do you have time/enjoy cooking food from scratch or do you need on the go options? Do you eat out a lot? Do you eat as a family/with DC or can you/would you cook yourself separate meals? All of this can contribute to finding a healthy way of eating that you can stick to forever or in the very long term rather than something you just do to lose weight and then return back to old habits after... lots of ideas on the specialist boards here for calorie counting/MFP/low carb/5:2/WW/SW etc, but I guess before diving in you should take some time to really make a good plan? Sorry if none of that was helpful, I've been where you are and it's not fun, but there is hope!

BirdsInTheAttic Tue 13-Aug-19 21:15:19

Thank you @maxelly, I’ve just seen your reply, I’m grateful you read my whinge!
I have spent the past couple of days since I posted trying to stick to three decent meals a day, with an eye on portion control, hopefully that in itself will give me a head start. On reflection I definitely like food too much to try to live on Slimfast!
The injury is temporary, luckily, and I’m hoping that in the next couple of weeks I’ll be much more mobile. It’s a bit of a motivator too, as it’s likely I’ll be told to improve my fitness and strength to prevent it recurring.

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