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Help me not to fall off the wagon today please

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Corrieaddict Thu 08-Aug-19 10:39:34

I've worked really hard and lost 12lbs through healthy eating and taking up running. I've still got about 9lbs to lose to be my target weight. But I'm so happy with the loss so far, it's made such a difference.

However, yesterday I fell off the wagon, I'm due on, I feel crap, I'm starving. Ds had a few of his friends round yesterday and I ended up ordering them a load of pizza and also stuffing my face. I always seem to gain 1lbs when I have a blow out but t comes back off.

Weighed this morning and I haven't gained any, but I'm ravenous again and craving junk food. I'm also really tired.

Need to stay on track today and eat healthily.

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JuneSpoon Thu 08-Aug-19 14:17:44

How about a healthy lunch? Big salad, herbal tea and maybe some dark chocolate??

ChocOrCheese Thu 08-Aug-19 17:08:50

I always put on water weight the day after a carb fest. So it's gratifying that you have managed to avoid that this time. Just stay on track today - you can do it!

Riddleofthesands Thu 08-Aug-19 21:05:25

When I am due I crave carbs, rest of the month I find it much easier. Just forgive yourself, ease back into nourishing healthy food for the next day or so and once your period comes I bet you feel calm and well able to tackle the last few lbs.

Corrieaddict Thu 08-Aug-19 21:16:29

Plan was egg salad for lunch but I made a chicken sandwich instead. Had a homemade pasta dish for dinner with loads of ham and mushrooms.

So not the best day, but at least I didn't go and get a McDonald's and chocolate and crisps, which is what I felt like when I posted this.

Trouble is I'm hungry again now, probably all the carbs.

I've got some strawberries and Greek yoghurt so may have that.

The dcs chocolate mouses in the fridge are looking tempting but I won't.

Wish my totm would just start and bugger off so I feel normal again.

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