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Whole 30 recipe recommendations?

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ALittleBitAlexis Mon 05-Aug-19 18:15:37

I'm starting Whole 30 in a couple of days' time - I've done it once before and loved it, but I've used all the recipes I've found so many times since then I feel like I need some new ideas to get me excited about it.

Any recipe recs would be appreciated!

In case anyone knows of good recipes but doesn't know about Whole 30, the basic rules are as follows; I think most paleo-type recipes would work:

No grains
No alcohol
No added sugar
No dairy
No sulfites/MSG
No legumes (I'm not fussed about this rule, personally)

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Moanranger Thu 08-Aug-19 00:52:47

I assume you have the recipe book? I like the chicken cacciatore

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