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Weightwatchers - help! I've stayed the same weight for 3 weeks now......

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youpeskykids Wed 01-Aug-07 23:34:39

It's driving me bloody mad - am only 1/2 lb away from losing first stone, and have stayed the same for the last 3 weeks. Is really difficult to stay motivated - any hints/tips? Thought about dropping points from 23 down to 18 per day, or switching to core plan for a week to see if that makes any difference...

Big sigh emoticon

Dior Thu 02-Aug-07 18:53:14

Message withdrawn

youpeskykids Thu 02-Aug-07 19:15:00

Thanks so much that's great. Am plannign to drink lots more water, am going to use my points wisely (have cut down to 18 points to fastrack).

I already write everything down (religiously!) and do weigh my food.

Increasing exercise is a hard one - once the kids have gone to bed at 7.30pm, that's when DH and I have our meal and 'our time' to catch up. Don't really feel like exercising. I do walk quite a lot already and am always at the park with DS1 and DS2.

Oh well, perseverance and focus and the above should break this VERY painful barrier.

Thanks so much for your tips - and will let you know!

Dropdeadfred Thu 02-Aug-07 19:20:22

I am doing weight watchers at the moment and my leader recommended switching br=tween the core plan and the points plan if you hit a plateau. Good on you for sticking to it, it must be very frustrating!

youpeskykids Thu 02-Aug-07 22:08:01

Am too scared to switch to core incase I put on weight!!! Even though I do cook the majority of my meals from scratch anyway, I'm just in the mindset of counting points. Haven't done too badly, have lost 15 1/2 lb in 10 weeks so am pleased with progress so far - which is why I think I've got frustrated now!

seb1 Thu 02-Aug-07 22:14:29

Sign up for the new monthly pass which includes e-source and you can attend as many meetings a week as you want to help keep motivated

Dior Thu 02-Aug-07 22:39:35

Message withdrawn

youpeskykids Thu 02-Aug-07 22:41:12

Am a bit cross that it's now going up to £5.50 a session...

hatrickjacqueline Thu 02-Aug-07 22:45:25

Message withdrawn

hatrickjacqueline Thu 02-Aug-07 22:46:29

Message withdrawn

seb1 Thu 02-Aug-07 22:46:33

Monthly pass will work out at £4.14 a meeting

monthly pass

hatrickjacqueline Thu 02-Aug-07 22:49:27

Message withdrawn

youpeskykids Thu 02-Aug-07 22:50:57

Thanks Hatrick, noticed your weight loss on another thread. Good for you!

Must drink more water
Must drink more water
Must drink more water

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