I've left my lunch at home and on Keto!

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AlexandraPeppernose Fri 02-Aug-19 11:15:29

Please help me with ideas of what I can get from Tesco or similar. All I can can up with is a cooked chicken lol


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imalrightjack Fri 02-Aug-19 11:26:37

chicken / ham / tuna / prawns salad made with cucumber, lettuce, peppers etc

Or get some Greek yoghurt and have that?

FookMeFookYou Fri 02-Aug-19 11:37:16

Boiled egg in the lunch section... salami and cheese pack. Keto friendly nuts with ff Greek yoghurt. Any cafes nearby that can do you an omelette?

AlexandraPeppernose Fri 02-Aug-19 20:08:03

Thanks. I went a bit nuts in the end and had smoked salmon, prawns, brie and cucumber

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