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Why is walking making me bigger?

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Bluesheep8 Thu 01-Aug-19 11:29:52

Am doing WW, only have 1 stone to lose and have upped my walking. Lost 5.5 pounds yet my calves are getting bigger, noticeably so and I'm struggling to get my jeans up, plus when I asked someone's honest opinion they said I looked as though I had GAINED a bit of weight! Grrrrr

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Siameasy Thu 01-Aug-19 11:46:48

Exercise can cause water retention especially in this weather. Could be that?

Bluesheep8 Thu 01-Aug-19 12:51:21

Hmmm, interesting thank you, I didn't know that

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RiaOverTheRainbow Thu 01-Aug-19 12:52:48

You've probably gained a bit of muscle.

sofato5miles Thu 01-Aug-19 12:56:46

How much walking are you doing? Have you actually measured your calves?

I walk about 12km a day (as well as other sports) and no way have my calves bulked up

Sharpkat Thu 01-Aug-19 13:02:54

I have been walking 20 miles a day and my calves have definitely bulked up. Cannot get into my skinny jeans anymore.

I would also say the water thing is true. Have been drinking 6-7litres a day and am not losing anything.

However, on the whole my clothes are less tight.

sofato5miles Thu 01-Aug-19 14:36:21

What size clothing are you?

Bluesheep8 Thu 01-Aug-19 16:54:21

I'm a size 10. When I say walking, I mean 30 mins at lunchtime and 30 mins in the evening. I weigh 10 stone and am 5 ft 6.

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Bluesheep8 Thu 01-Aug-19 16:55:22

And I drink about 3.5 l of water daily, I do a desk job.

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Bluesheep8 Thu 01-Aug-19 17:13:28

Haven't measured my calves but I can't get a pair of wellies on which I last wore in March

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