Slenderistas! Time for a fresh start? Join us and lose half a stone in August!

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Elloello Sun 28-Jul-19 18:34:05

Hello to you all, I know its a few days early but its the beginning of a new week tomorrow and I reckon a fresh thread might be good for us all!
I am going to calorie count, have a go at some pinch of nom recipes and do some mutu exercises daily. Aiming to start intermittent fasting by cutting out breakfast, I'm never hungry really anyway. I'm just not sure how many calories to aim for.

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suchsweetsorrow82 Sun 28-Jul-19 22:26:27

Hi. Can I join please? Hoping this might help me keep motivated.

I started my weight loss journey 1st July with a starting weight of 10st 10lb. Finished July at 10st 2lb. 8lb loss 😊

My initial target is 9 stone.

MFP Calorie Counting (1300)
2 x High Intensity cardio classes a week
Couch to 5k x 2/3 a week
Walk 12k steps a day
Hand weights used at home

Although I’m thrilled with the weight loss I’m a bit gutted it’s taking so much effort 🤣. I haven’t lost more than 2lb a week and I thought I might see some higher losses.

Anyway! I’m on holiday for the first 2 weeks of August but still aiming for a 6lb loss for August which will take me to a stone in total.

I’m not sure whether to try Fast800 on my return from holiday? I did try one day at 800 calories (ate 781) and I was STARVING!

Good luck to everyone smile

Elloello Mon 29-Jul-19 15:44:55

Hi and welcome! What a fantastic loss you've done so well! I've just put myself on 1200 a day as per mfp but not too sure how it will go over the holiday. The bsd/800 I'm sure works really well when you get into it, I think filling up on lots of veg probably helps to bulk things out. I may do this in September when the children are back in school.

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KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Tue 30-Jul-19 05:22:24

Hello ello

And well done sweetsorrow. Really great progress so far. I'm just checking in so I don't lose you.

Be back later with my plan for the next few weeks.

Elloello Tue 30-Jul-19 14:41:44

Where is everyone kick? I nc from koko and wonder if anyone else has nc too?

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lastqueenofscotland Tue 30-Jul-19 19:19:50

Hello I’ll drop in as I have been doing for the past nearly 3 years (my god...)
And probably drop off for the next year

leesmum Tue 30-Jul-19 19:48:43

Hi gang, I'm with you all in August, don't need to shift too much but need some motivation whilst the Krays are off to stop myself from becoming a big issue!!


QuimReaper Tue 30-Jul-19 21:07:11

SLENDERISTAS! <thunders into thread>

I am back from a 9-day holiday which ran directly into the weekend, so 12 indulgent days. Very indulgent days. And I was 3lb over last time I weighed, before the holiday. Gulp. I'm dreading the scales on Fri, but very determined. I managed 24K steps yesterday and just over 20 so far today, and I've barely eaten a thing. I actually haven't eaten anything today, just had tea and tonic water - hardcore! I'll get in the bath in about half an hour, and I usually find that suppresses my appetite, so I'm hoping to make it a full fast day. I don't think I've ever done that before... I assume it'll counteract at least six of my indulgent days grin

Nice to see you back on MN leesmum, and you two lasty!

suchsweetsorrow what a stupendous start, well done! I know what you mean about wanting to see higher losses, but those stunning losses you hear about are usually from quite overweight people; at 10.10, depending on your height, I doubt you were. I bet you can really see that 8lbs lost though. It's Hard and Boring, as we often say, but you'll get there in no time, and by then the portion sizes will be sufficiently ingrained that it won't be a struggle to keep it off as long as you keep your eye on the ball.

With regards to Fast800, you need @HairsprayBabe for that, but I'd say to take it gradually: my tips for very low calorie days (I'm not at all hardcore enough to keep that up day in, day out, but I am a pro at keeping calories very low in short stretches) I'd advise trying out different methods: have a few days where you don't worry too much about keeping to 800, but try and work out how little you can eat and still be satisfied, and what times of day work best for you for your main meal. Some people find a big-ish protein-heavy breakfast can keep them going until they just want a very light snack in the evenings, whereas others prefer to skip breakfast and not eat until 2pmish. It's as much psychological as anything I think. Once you've nailed which foods keep you fullest for longest, etc., you should be able to work out an 800-cal plan that works for you. Don't do it if you're starving though, you'll just get fed up and throw the towel in!

suchsweetsorrow82 Tue 30-Jul-19 22:21:58

Thanks @QuimReaper I’m definitely feeling positive. And actually noticed when I caught myself in the mirror today so was pretty chuffed. I’m 5ft so my starting weight was almost obese!

I think what’s making it hard is my DP has just started with me and has lost 9lb in 2 weeks doing exactly the same as me! Well even less as he’s hardly exercised. Not fair! 🤣

suchsweetsorrow82 Tue 30-Jul-19 22:24:55

@QuimReaper Re Fast800. Thank you. Yes I think I am better to perhaps do it on the 5:2 basis. Rather than do the 2 weeks of hardcore 800. I think I’d find it super tough. But 2 days per week is much more manageable.

Being new to the board I’ve found myself on two threads re half a stone in August. Is there a difference ?!

Wow @ 24k steps! I did 20k yesterday but that included 5000 at a fitness class. My legs couldn’t do anymore! 14,000 today but no exercise.

QuimReaper Wed 31-Jul-19 09:24:51

sweetsorrow I think at least starting with a couple of days is wise, just to ease you in; it isn't even necessarily the low calories so much as the mental effort of keeping them so low, but it does get easier with practice. Obviously it's never easy but I always say that it least has to be doable for you to, y'know, do it, so if that means eating 950 calories instead of 800, or 700 instead of 500, or whatever, then that's still a whacking great calorie deficit and will get far better results than trying to do something you hate, feeling grumpy, then sleep-eating a packet of Hobnobs grin

The Slenderistas used to reign supreme, we had loads of members on our monthly threads, but there was an exodus to a WhatsApp chat which lots preferred, and numbers just dwindled. You might find your other thread a bit livelier, but we're a nice bunch even if there aren't many of us left!

Oh I think getting 5000 from an exercise class is probably better than getting 4000 extra from walking, likely to be much better aerobic exercise! Do you have a FitBit? We do have a weekly challenge which you'd be very welcome to join, I find it really motivating!

AwdBovril Wed 31-Jul-19 09:30:29

Hello, mind if I join?

I've lost about 18lb since the beginning of December (ish). 5lb in the last few weeks, I have recently started eating more raw food (saw it mentioned in the thread about the DOC that she eats mostly raw food to keep her slim figure). It's definitely helping. I also go to the gym 2-3 times a week, usually, I often find I've lost half a pound the day after... especially if I really worked hard. And I've been making a bit effort to drink a lot more water.

suchsweetsorrow82 Wed 31-Jul-19 13:06:25

Yes I have a Fitbit. I’d love to join. Thanks @QuimReaper. Let me know how.

Weigh in was this morning and 1lb lost so total of 9lbs for July. Arrived in Spain and had a tuna salad for lunch with no oil and a water. Someone pass me the wine 🤣

Will definitely be trying some version of Fast800 on my return for holiday

leesmum Thu 01-Aug-19 08:00:51

First day of August!! I'm very determined to do well this month even though I'm less active because I'm not doing the walk to school. @suchsweetsorrow82 I'll message you about the Fitbit challenge smile

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Thu 01-Aug-19 09:28:18

Can I join! I'm a serial lurker and name changer so I've dipped in and out of these threads.

Lost 5.5 stone over the last two years but only .5 of a stone in the last 7 months!

I do SlimmingWorld and have a couple of semi fast day a week (no breakfast, salad with no dressing for lunch and scrambled eggs with spinach for tea) twice a week. Or at least, that's what I do when I lose weight, there are more crisps and chocolate involved when I don't!

I'm back on it today! Aiming for a day 100% on plan, one day at a time.

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Thu 01-Aug-19 09:28:50

Also, what's the Fitbit challenge?

suchsweetsorrow82 Thu 01-Aug-19 10:37:23

Thanks for sending the Invite @leesmum. See me PM I sent you the wrong email address 🤦🏻‍♀️

First day of holiday went well yesterday. Under 1200 calories including gin and 12500 steps (a lot of airport walking!)

Started the day with tea and 2 eggs, no yolk.
Salad for lunch and fish and veg for dinner planned. Plus calories left over for a few gin and Fanta lemon zeros! (Surprisingly nice!)

QuimReaper Thu 01-Aug-19 14:12:00

Thanks for sorting that lees smile

Holy MOSES sweet, your determination is incredible! Salads, no yolks, no carbs and no wine ON HOLIDAY! I simply cannot do that, I always clock off completely from the moment my feet hit the airport. (Actually it's tradition Chez Quim to start the holiday with a can of gin and tonic on the train to the airport, no matter the time grin)

Welcome Bovril and RedLips! You've both made incredible progress so far! Red the FitBit challenge is basically a leaderboard on FitBit where everyone's steps are recorded - there's a weekday one and a weekend one (which I basically never do...) and you just fight to get ahead really. I happen to be having an Insane Stepping Week this week, whereas everyone else is in Summer Holiday Mode, so I'm having a lonely time at the top, but sometimes I've found it really inspiring when I'm in the middle territory (which I usually am) and am only 1000 or so behind someone else, and end up thinking "I'll just take a bit of a detour to try and get ahead of X". Obviously you do need a FitBit to partake.

I'm cautiously optimistic for a good scale number tomorrow morning... Can't really complain if I don't get one though, four good days to counteract 12 bad ones isn't very good odds grin

suchsweetsorrow82 Thu 01-Aug-19 21:24:06

Haha @QuimReaper! I’m not finding it as difficult as I thought I would. Although I wish I would have started earlier in the year so I was already at target!

Finished today on 20,000 steps which includes a 30 minute run, which was more a slog in 30 degree heat! Stayed on plan for lunch and dinner. Treated myself to a large glass of wine with dinner - calamari and salad no dressings. Followed by a Small ice cream and gin!

suchsweetsorrow82 Thu 01-Aug-19 21:25:05

Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow @QuimReaper. I’m off for one last gin on the balcony (66 calories 🤣)

QuimReaper Fri 02-Aug-19 08:59:20

Well, this morning's weigh-in could have been better...


I'm only 300g heavier than my last weigh-in three weeks ago post-holiday! And actually 200g lighter than I was the week before that! I have almost done the impossible and undone the damage in four days! I'm so chuffed!

If I have another big push next week, I wonder if I can get back into the right kg bracket...

(MrQuim has just burst my bubble a bit by standing on the scales and coming in and droned on about how he's lost 5kg since January and has the lowest BF % and muscle mass he's ever had angry )

QuimReaper Fri 02-Aug-19 09:01:43

suchsweet honestly, running on holiday and in that kind of heat (I was in Turkey and it was too hot to MOVE, let alone run, I know it's a bit cooler in Spain but still) gets an enormous gold star from me star Absolutely incredible will power, well done that woman!

suchsweetsorrow82 Fri 02-Aug-19 13:49:58

Thanks @QuimReaper! I’m in a zone I think, which I should have started 2 years ago after my last baby!

It was a bit too hot so I ran this morning at 8am which was much cooler. Also the kids were still sleeping so worked well.

Breakfast and Lunch done at 550 calories and 8000 steps so far.

Looking forward to my gin and ice cream later!

Well done on your weight that’s fantastic and I would be chuffed if I achieved the same result whilst being on holiday. What super duper scales do you have to weigh in grams??

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Fri 02-Aug-19 17:14:11

@suchsweetsorrow82 that is brilliant holiday willpower-I salute you! I'm going to Scotland in a couple of weeks for a week away with family and planning on staying off the booze and sweets. Self catering so I can stay reasonably in control, I don't mind a 1lb or 2 gain though. And my plans to not drink may be scuppered if my in laws insist on babysitting so DH and I can go out, it'd be rude not too!

@QuimReaper thanks for the info re Fitbit group, I might join. I'm a bit slack on the steps front some days but I run a couple of times a week and go riding as much as I can so I'm all peaks and troughs.

Excellent news on undoing your holiday gain so quickly! I'm feeling focused and have spent the last two days batch cooking like a lunatic so my freezer is bursting but I won't need to cook for a good two to three weeks now.

suchsweetsorrow82 Fri 02-Aug-19 17:26:06

@RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Thank you! The thing is I know that if I stick with it it’s only hopefully one holiday it’s really going to effect. Luckily DP is also on the wagon so that helps. I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all but hopefully next time we come we’ll be at target so can indulge a bit more!

Definitely treat yourself if you and DH get to have a night out. Life is too short for complete abstinence !

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