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Holidays and losing weight - road trip!!!!

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Joopy Fri 02-Aug-19 08:15:19

Drink lots of water, I like my water bottle with the time on so you know how much to drink by a certain time.
Avoid chips go for salad
Portion sizes are big don't make yourself finish every meal
Take trainers/walking shoes and go for a walk/jog/run every morning

EatEverythingOnMyPlate Fri 02-Aug-19 07:56:59

HOw to stay hydrated is my main worry OP. I am even thinking about purchasing a she-wee!!shock

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 31-Jul-19 03:33:19

Skip lunch. I always lose on holiday because I skip lunch and walk a lot. But America and a road trip? That's a recipe for disaster!

One thing you can do about portions in the States is ask for a 'to go' box at the start of the meal and put half your food in it. Portions are double a normal one so that helps.

EmmaGrundyForPM Wed 31-Jul-19 03:24:24

Lots of salad!
To be honest, I always pile weight on on holiday but then lose it again straight after without trying. I think holidays are meant to be enjoyed.

BlueMoonAndRedNose Tue 30-Jul-19 13:24:17

Also interested. I always put on weight on holiday.

EarlyIntheMorning Sat 27-Jul-19 11:54:05

This year we're celebrating my DH's 50th so going on an American road trip for nearly 3 weeks. I need to lose weight. How can I manage this?

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